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The Second Battle of Gelgelar saw the reclamation of supplies from the captured Rebel base in the Gelgelar system from the Imperial Navy by the Rebel Alliance.

The BattleEdit

Rogue and Green Squadrons spearheaded the assault; Calamari Cruiser Liberty arrived soon after the fighter groups in the Gelgelar system, engaging the Nebulon-B2 frigate Harpy. Rogue Squadron launched their torpedoes at the Harpy as well, destroying or driving off the frigate and reducing the number of guns that could be trained at the incoming bombers and the Liberty.

Green Squadron, piloting B-wing assault fighters, proceeded to attack the XQ5 Platform that was abandoned in the first battle and knocked out its shields, eventually disabling it.

The Victory I-class Star Destroyer Stormhawk moved in to attack the Liberty and deployed its fighter craft. Heavy torpedo attacks were made against the Mon Calamari warship by TIE/sa bombers and Assault Gunboats, but the counterattack was ultimately repelled by Rogue Squadron. Stormhawk was neutralized by concerted Rebel fire, removing the Imperials' largest source of offensive firepower in the system.

After a Rogue T-65 X-wing starfighter performed a sensor inspection of the containers left behind by the Alliance in their earlier retreat from the system, four Heavy Lifters from the flight group Weevil arrived to pick up the containers. Once the Weevil craft had made the jump to hyperspace with the reclaimed supplies, Liberty and the starfighter groups withdrew from the system.


This victory was vital to the Alliance, as it secured a vast number of supplies previously thought lost to the Imperial occupation force. It ensured the operational readiness of the Rebel Alliance in the Airam sector.


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