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The attack on the Imperial repair dock took place during the Operation Skyhook. The Death Star design team was captured by the Alliance to Restore the Republic.


Part of the shipment of military equipment captured in the last operation passed through a repair facility near Coruscant. Alliance High Command decided to launch an attack on the facility in the hopes of crippling the infrastructure that was servicing ships working on the Death Star.

The battle[]

Despite the presence of many Imperial forces, a Rebel Y-wing squadron managed to penetrate the Coruscant system. The Imperial repair dock was in fact a modified BFF-1 bulk freighter. Despite the heavy resistance, the Rebels attacked the Imperial forces. The Alliance forces managed to take out most of the TIE fighters and bombers, along with the Delta-class transports and Lambda-class shuttles. When the Imperials discovered the attack, the Vulture was dispatched to save the facility. However, Red Leader eventually managed to destroy the drydock.



Notes and references[]

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