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The Attack on the Jynni's Virtue was an event that occurred in the year 1 BBY, exactly six months before the Battle of Yavin. The pirate vessel, Jynni's Virtue, commanded by Naz Felyood crashed on Korriban after being attacked by cloaked Imperial patrol ships. While exploring a tomb on Korriban, Felyood was possessed by the spirit of the deceased Sith Lord, Dathka Graush. After Graush possessed Felyood, he unleashed his army of Korriban zombies, which attacked the Jynni's Virtue.

The battle was brought to a close when the first mate of the Jynni's Virtue destroyed the ship and killed the remaining crew and many of the zombies. However, Naz Felyood was left alive and stranded on the planet.

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