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"Less tax equals more profit."
―Raymas Daal, presenting the attack as motivated by profit to conceal his Trade Federation allegiance[2]

In 32 BBY, the Trade Federation took an early step towards their planned invasion of the planet Naboo through an attack on a sensor array near the city Kwilaan. Trade Federation operative Raymas Daal planned the attack by hiring a group of students from the Royal House of Learning: Arani Korden, Rorworr, Deel Surool, and Sia-Lan Wezz, whom he met with at a Kwilaan restaurant.

After dealing with three Royal Naboo Security Forces officers who had tailed Daal, the agents headed to the sensor array the following night. There, they encountered four Palace Guards and two technicians, overcoming all of them to deactivate the array. The Trade Federation used the opportunity to place jamming satellites around Naboo, which they would later use to sever Naboo's communications when they began the invasion.


"Let's make this quick, I think I was followed."
―Raymas Daal, during his meeting with the agents[2]

In 32 BBY,[3] the Trade Federation planned to blockade and then invade the planet Naboo. Prior to beginning the blockade, the Trade Federation planned to disrupt Naboo's communications by launching covert operations on several sensor arrays.[2] Small-time Human criminal Raymas Daal was contracted by Trade Federation agents to covertly disrupt sensor arrays to allow the Trade Federation to place jamming satellites in the Naboo system without detection. He was also given funds to hire freelance agents to disrupt the arrays,[5] including one near the city Kwilaan.[2]

Daal—known for his reliability—arranged a meeting with a group of financially constrained agents in a Kwilaan restaurant.[2] The agents were a group of students from the Royal House of Learning, including the Wookiee Rorworr, the Human Jedi Padawan Sia-Lan Wezz, the Human Arani Korden, and the Twi'lek Deel Surool.[4] At the restaurant, the students found that Daal had not arrived, and they were on the verge of leaving when he appeared, hoping to conclude the meeting quickly under the assumption that he had been followed. Daal offered 8,000 credits for the group to temporarily deactivate the sensor array for several hours, claiming that he hoped to get a shipment of rare spices past the array and earn a greater profit through avoiding taxes.[2]

The entrance to the sensor array

After questioning from the students, Daal explained that they would need to deactivate the array the following night, at which point he would detect the deactivation and land his ship inside Kwilaan. The group asked questions about the assignment and was given enough information to find the array. The conversation came to a halt when three plainclothes Security Officers of the Royal Naboo Security Forces arrived, planning to take Daal in for questioning for his suspected Trade Federation connection. The Human leader of the group asked Daal to come with him, but instead of answering, he jumped out of his seat and fled to the rear exit. The officers fired at Daal, with one of them turning their blaster pistol toward the agents. After dealing with the officers, the agents made their way to the sensor array the following night as planned.[2]

The attack[]

After arriving at the array, the agents knocked out the four Palace Guards there and dealt with the two technicians at the array so that they could deactivate it.[2]


"Do you think she suspects an attack?"
"I don't know, but we must move quickly to disrupt all communications down there."
Settlement Officer Rune Haako and Nute Gunray, following a transmission with Naboo Queen Amidala[6]

With their mission complete, the Trade Federation was able to place their jamming satellites, and the students planned to track down Daal to claim their reward.[2]

Daal was eventually detained by the Royal Naboo Security Forces for questioning.[5] The Trade Federation later began their blockade, surrounding Naboo with Lucrehulk-class freighters.[6] After a month,[7] the Trade Federation began landing on Naboo in response to the presence of Jedi ambassadors. Trade Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray ordered all of Naboo's communications to be immediately disrupted.[6] They made use of their jamming satellites[2] and attacks on transmitters in several Naboo cities[8] to isolate the planet from the rest of the galaxy.[5] During the invasion, the students who participated in the attack on the sensor array fought against the Trade Federation as part of the Naboo Underground.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

The attack is the main focus of the scenario "Signal Interruption."

The attack on the Kwilaan sensor array constitutes the Star Wars: Invasion of Theed Adventure Game scenario "Signal Interruption," written by Jesse Decker, illustrated by Adam Hughes, and published on the Wizards of the Coast website on August 9, 2001. "Signal Interruption" is designed to be completed with the playable characters from the Invasion of Theed Adventure Game and is written with the assumption that the group is heroic with sympathies that lie toward the Naboo while also providing suggestions for dark side characters. "Signal Interruption" consists of three encounters. The first one involves the players meeting with Daal, and it suggests that if players present a reluctance to take Daal's job, he may raise the price as high as 10,000 credits. The second encounter involves the fight with the three Security Officers in the restaurant, where the players can choose how to fight them off, with the suggestion that dark side players will be able to quickly resolve the encounter by drawing their weapons as soon as the officers draw their blasters.[2]

The attack on the sensor array itself takes up the third encounter. The players have the choice to either sneak up on the guards or directly begin shooting at them. The scenario describes the technicians inside the array as unlikely to attack unless provoked and that even if attacked first, they are more likely to flee unless their exit is blocked. The scenario suggests that players could continue the story in the Invasion of Theed Adventure Game or that the game master could create original adventures involving Daal and his secret backers. "Signal Interruption" specifies that groups with heroic characters could work towards undoing the damage they caused, while dark side characters could continue working for the Trade Federation, possibly coming to the attention of the Trade Federation's Sith benefactor,[2] Darth Sidious.[6] This article assumes that the events of "Signal Interruption" occurred as described in the text.


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