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"Take them out! They're nothing but cadets in this academy!"
―Coret Bhan[src]

The attack on the Raithal Academy occurred shortly prior to battle of Talus during the Galactic Civil War.


"We're under attack. A Rebel strike force has landed just outside the Academy."
―An Imperial First Lieutenant[src]

With direct orders from the Emperor himself, Imperial Special Forces have established a head hunter squadron on the planet of Corellia. Their mission was to seek out and destroy a secret Rebel base on the Corellian moon of Talus. At the Imperial Academy on Raithal, a week-long briefing was being held about an upcoming operation in the Corellian system. The Alliance had launched a raid on the academy, aimed to disrupt the imperial planning.

A group led by Captain Coret Bhan performed a hit-and-run attack on the Raithal Academy. A Rebel strike force has landed just outside the Raithal Academy and - without trying to capture or destroy it - tried to disrupt Imperial planning and benefit from the propaganda reports about the Rebel attacking the most prestige Imperial Academy. When the cadets of Academy put up reasonable defense, Rebel forces fell back in good order towards their landing craft, leaving behind some explosives which they planned to use to blow the starport on their way out.

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This battle is featured in the first scenario of Dark Side campaign from Squadrons Over Corellia, the second expansion of the Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game.


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