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"The Imperial Frigate Red Wind has been identified near Plooriod IV."
Admiral Gial Ackbar[src]

The Attack on the Red Wind was a battle of the Galactic Civil War near Plooriod IV.


The infamous EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate Red Wind had been located near Plooriod IV where it was experiencing a malfunction in its engines. The Imperial frigate and its commander had become notorious for committing a number of atrocities during their battles against the Rebel Alliance and several CR90 corvette crews urged an attack to seek out retribution.


Stranded above Plooriod IV, the frigate was protected by a minefield and was awaiting repairs from BFF-1 bulk freighters Onteba and Ramit. The assault run was made in three waves of three CR90 corvettes, Arrow, Hammer and Striker, while two A-wings from Red Squadron cleared the minefield and intercepted enemy starfighters.


After the destruction of the Red Wind, three Interdictor cruisers from Imperial Drydock IV joined the Outer Rim Imperial Fleet in preparation for an attack on the Rebels.

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This event is portrayed in Operation 17 (Attack the Frigate Red Wind) of the Star Wars: X-Wing expansion, Imperial Pursuit.


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