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"Let's at least remind them that we're still here....They won't last long burning fuel like this."
―General Armitage Hux, to Captain Edrison Peavey[src]

During the war between the First Order and the Resistance, the First Order launched an attack on the Resistance fleet following the evacuation of the Resistance's base on D'Qar. The First Order managed to track the Resistance fleet through hyperspace, forcing the Resistance to flee in search of a way of escape before their fuel supplies ran out within 18 hours.


"They can't get away, Supreme Leader. We have them tied on the end of a string."
―General Armitage Hux, to Supreme Leader Snoke[src]

In the aftermath of the destruction of Starkiller Base, the forces of the First Order attacked the Resistance base on D'Qar. Having failed to annihilate the planet before the superweapon was destroyed, the First Order Navy deployed a fleet of Resurgent-class Star Destroyers along with the Mandator IV-class Siege Dreadnought Fulminatrix. While the Resistance evacuated their headquarters, Commander Poe Dameron engaged the dreadnought alone, using his T-70 X-wing starfighter to clear the surface turrets before ordering a bombing run. Though his plan succeeded in destroying the warship, the Resistance fleet sustained heavy losses before escaping into hyperspace. Dameron was consequently demoted to the rank of Captain by General Leia Organa, who reprimanded the Resistance pilot for his actions and insubordination.[1]

General Armitage Hux was likewise admonished by his superior, Supreme Leader Snoke, who telekinetically assaulted the First Order officer by way of the Force. In an effort to assuage the Supreme Leader's anger, Hux revealed that the First Order had developed the hyperspace tracker, a technological breakthrough that would allow their forces to track the Resistance's movement through hyperspace and determine their likeliest destination. Snoke was pleased with his general's plan, though less so with his apprentice, the dark warrior Kylo Ren, who returned to his master shortly after the loss of Starkiller Base. Where he once saw Ren's inherent potential to achieve the power of his legendary grandfather, the Sith Lord Darth Vader, Snoke castigated Ren for his failure to defeat Rey, a Jakku scavenger with no prior experience in lightsaber combat. In losing his master's favor, Ren flew into a rage and destroyed his combat helmet, and then instructed his subordinates to prepare his personal starfighter.[1]

The battleEdit

Chasing the resistance fleetEdit

"They tracked us through lightspeed."
"That's impossible."
"Yes. And They've done it."
―Leia Organa and Finn[src]
Attack on the resistance fleet

The Supremacy and its escorting Star Destroyers attack the Resistance fleet

Upon entering the Oetchi system[3] via hyperspace, the Resistance immediately set to work on locating a suitable new base when they were set upon by a fleet of First Order Star Destroyers.[1] Comprising thirty Resurgent-class vessels and the Supreme Leader's flagship, the Mega-class Star Destroyer Supremacy,[4] the First Order destroyed the Vakbeor-class cargo frigate[6] Vigil,[4] before it could activate its deflector shields. Though the means were unknown to them at the time, the Resistance deduced that the First Order had discovered a way to track ships through hyperspace, making another jump to lightspeed futile as well as a waste of fuel. Despite demotion from Wing Commander, Dameron volunteered to lead a starfighter counterattack in order to defend the Resistance command ship, the MC85 Star Cruiser Raddus. At the same time, Organa instructed the remaining ships in her fleet to strengthen their rear shields and move out of the First Order's range.[1]

However, Ren and three other pilots took TIE Fighters to take out the Resistance's command ship Raddus. One of the fighters was quickly taken out, but Ren blew up the hangar, destroying the Resistance's starfighters and two of the Special Forces TIEs,[1] via Lieutenant Poldin LeHuse,[4] blew up the bridge, killing all the Resistance officers on it except for Organa. However, LeHuse and the other two Special Forces TIE fighters were in turn shot down by the Free Virgillia-class Bunkerbuster[4] Ninka and Hux commanded Ren to return to the Supremacy, since the Resistance fleet was too far away for the First Order fleet to reinforce him.[1]

Being the sole survivor from the bridge attack, Organa made her way back from the cold vacuum to space to the Raddus and was placed on life support. While Organa was unconscious and recovering, Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo was placed in command of the Resistance fleet. Dameron suggested to Holdo that they come up with a strategy to attack the First Order fleet, but she was intent on maintaining their current course of action.[1]

Meanwhile, Finn was caught trying to desert the Resistance by maintenance worker Rose Tico and thrown into the brig. However, after revealing his knowledge of the Supremacy's workings, Finn and Tico got the idea to disable the First Order's hyperspace tracking capability. They told Dameron about this, and they contacted Maz Kanata, who was too busy to help them but knew of a Master Codebreaker who could get them into the Supremacy who resided on Canto Bight on the planet Cantonica. Finn and Tico took a transport to find the codebreaker. Finn and Tico had a limited amount of Time to find the codebreaker as the Resistance fleet only had eighteen hours of Fuel left.[1]

The three remaining Resistance ships continued to outrun the larger First Order vessels, their speed and strong shields able to keep them just out of range enough for the Supremacy's turbolasers to be ineffective. However, their fuel reserves were dangerously low and one by one the other ships ran out of fuel and were immediately destroyed once they had drifted into range of the enemy. The Nebulon-C escort frigate, Anodyne which was also their medical frigate, was the first to run dry and was shortly followed by the Holdo's former ship, the Ninka.[1]

Even though both their crews successfully managed to evacuate their doomed craft before their destruction. This left the Raddus as the sole cruiser, carrying what now amounted to the entire Resistance. Vice Admiral Holdo revealed her plan to evacuate the Resistance on to small transports. Believing the action to be too risky and foolish, Dameron incited a mutiny and had the leadership held at gunpoint by at least three Resistance members as he went to contact Finn and Tico. The two had found a codebreaker named DJ who successfully got them onto the Supremacy.[1]

Infiltrating the SupremacyEdit

"FN-2187. So good to have you back."
―Phasma to Finn[src]

Meanwhile, Finn, Tico, DJ, and BB-8 infiltrated the Supremacy and got into the room where they could disable the tracker. However, BB-9E had found the group out earlier, calling in reinforcements, causing them to be confronted by Captain Phasma and her troops. However, after being caught by Phasma's troops, DJ told the First Order this plan, which he had overheard Finn and Tico mention, in exchange for money.[1]

On the Supremacy, Finn and Tico were about to be executed when the sudden destruction of the ship sent everyone into chaos. The duo freed themselves and attempted to make for a nearby shuttle, only for Phasma and her stormtroopers to emerge from the flames and begin firing on them. Suddenly, an AT-ST started firing on the latter, revealed to be piloted by BB-8. In the chaos, Finn engaged Phasma with a Z6 riot control baton, and was initially overpowered, but managed to hit Phasma with a surprise attack before she fell into a fiery pit. They then hijacked a shuttle and escaped, heading toward the Resistance on Crait.[1]

Mutiny on the RaddusEdit

"Vice Admiral Holdo, I am reliving you of your command for the survival of this ship, its crew and the Resistance."
―Poe Dameron igniting a mutiny on the Raddus[src]

Aboard the Raddus, Holdo fought back against Dameron's mutiny as she and her allies stunned his allies. As Dameron heard about the capture, General Organa broke into the room he locked himself in and stunned him, returning him to Holdo as the Resistance fighters prepared to evacuate the Raddus. However, Holdo stayed onboard to confront the First Order in an act of self-sacrifice, and when Dameron came to, Organa revealed that they were nearing an old rebel base on the planet Crait and that Holdo knew the First Order would be less likely to spot their smaller escape ships. Having learned of the Resistance's plan from DJ, The Supremacy shot at the unprotected escape vessels with turbolaser batteries, destroying all but six of them. They saw that the Raddus was preparing to jump to hyperspace, but believed the cruiser was deserting the Resistance. Once he realized the ship was turning towards the Supremacy, a frantic Hux ordered to fire all cannons on the Raddus, but too late. Holdo then jumped into hyperspace, shearing the massive ship in half and completely destroying[1] twenty[7] other Star Destroyers on escort duty or being repaired on one of the lower hangars.[1]

Duel on the SupremacyEdit

"You underestimate Skywalker… and Ben Solo… and me. It will be your downfall."
―Rey, to Supreme Leader Snoke[src]

Rey and Kylo Ren face Snoke's guards after his assassination

On the Supremacy, Snoke began forming a connection between Ren and Rey in order to discover the location of the last Jedi Luke Skywalker. Rey decided to come to the Supremacy to see Ren, believing she could convert him to the light side of the Force.[1]

When Rey arrived at on the Supremacy, Ren had her arrested where her and Ren were taken to Snoke. When the two arrived, Snoke began torturing Rey to discover Skywalker's location before ordering Ren to kill her. However, Ren instead killed Snoke by using the Force to cleave him in two with what was once Anakin's, Luke's and now Rey's lightsaber. Snoke's Elite Praetorian Guard sprang into action to avenge the Supreme Leader, but were all killed by the two Force-wielders. Ren then offered Rey the chance to rule the galaxy with him. Rey refused, and the two battled over Rey's lightsaber, which eventually snapped in half and knocked Ren out. Rey escaped on Snoke's escape ship.[1]


"Get all our forces down to that Resistance base. Let's finish this."
―Supreme Leader Kylo Ren, to General Armitage Hux[src]

Hux eventually made his way to Snoke's throne room, and discovered Ren unconscious and Snoke cleaved in half. Hux initially considered taking the opportunity to shoot Ren, although Ren regaining consciousness forced him to put away his concealed blaster and abandon that plan. Ren then lied by claiming Rey killed Snoke and tried to assume command of the First Order, but Hux refused to either acknowledge Ren as Supreme Leader or grant him command of his troops. However, Ren proceeded to implement a Force choke on Hux in return, causing the latter to ultimately "acknowledge" Ren's promotion to Supreme Leader. The newly-made Supreme Leader Ren then commanded the First Order's remaining forces onto Crait, where the assault would resume on land.[1]

Members of the First Order not present of the battle were not immediately aware of it, believing that the Resistance had been completely destroyed at D'Qar and that Snoke remained the Supreme Leader.[7]

Behind the scenesEdit

The first footage of the attack on the Resistance fleet was shown in the Star Wars: The Last Jedi teaser trailer on April 4, 2017.[8]


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