The Attack on the Sacred Spire occurred in the ruins of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. On a mission to set up resistance cells on the broken capital city, the Jedi and their strike team were interrupted by the insane Lord Nyax, a bizarre cyborg capable of using the Force. Nyax, bent on releasing the full power of the Force nexus inside the sacred spire around which the Temple was constructed, erected a large machine capable of tearing through the skyscrapers surrounding the Temple Precinct. Using the Force to will civilians to help run the mighty machine, Nyax led the way through the Precinct's foundations to the Sacred Spire's base.

Meanwhile, during a hunt for the three Jedi, the Yuuzhan Vong, led by Denua Ku, came across the cyborg of Irek Ismaren, now known as Lord Nyax. Following Nyax, they found themselves behind the three Jedi. Luke Skywalker, Mara Jade Skywalker and Tahiri Veila journeyed through the rubble left in the great machine's wake until reaching the Temple Ziggurat where they found the great machine drilling through a large and seemingly impenetrable black wall that surrounded the Sacred Spire. Once broken through, Nyax immersed himself in the energies of the mountain and raised himself through the Temple Ziggurat's roof.

Upon the roof of the Temple, the five spires of the Jedi Council had collapsed, now strewn about, shattered. Where the Temple Spire had once stood was a gaping hole out of which Nyax flew, spouting Force energies throughout the area. Ku was amazed by the cyborg's raw combat abilities, but in the course of the battle, he found himself flung against the broken structures around him, and impaled through the chest by a rebar spar. Luke and Mara, who were hampered by Nyax's amplified ability to force his feelings upon others, could only watch as Tahiri cast him back down through the hole to his death.

Although Nyax was dead, his hatred had temporarily been imbued in the mountain. After the Jedi left, Jacen Solo would visit the ruins of the Temple and still feel the evils left here. However over time, the nature of the Force caused the spring to return to its true nature.


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