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"I did not expect you to return."
―The Sith Emperor[1]

The assassination attempt on the Sith Emperor was a mission carried out by the Jedi Masters Revan and Meetra Surik, with help from Sith Lord Scourge and droid T3-M4 to eliminate the Sith Emperor, the Dark Lord of the Sith and Emperor of the reconstituted Sith Empire.


In 3950 BBY, Meetra Surik came to the world of Dromund Kaas, the capital of the reconstituted Sith Empire looking for Revan. She found him a prisoner of Darth Nyriss, a member of the Dark Council. She also came into contact with Scourge, a Sith Lord who came to believe that the Emperor might likely bring about the destruction of the Sith species, if not the entire galaxy. With that in mind, Scourge agreed to work with Surik to help free Revan and stop the Emperor. Scourge appeared to the Sith Emperor, and informed him of Nyriss's treachery against him, in collusion with some of the other members of the Council. The Emperor dealt with the conspiracy by massacring the entire Council, sparking off a series of riots. Revan, Surik and Scourge took the advantage of the diversion provided by the riots to infiltrate the Imperial Citadel and try to assassinate the Dark Lord.[1]

The battle[]

"I expected better from you, Lord Scourge."
"He has seen the depths of your evil. He stands with us now."
"Then he will die with you, as well."
"You can't defeat all three of us. United, we are stronger than even you."
"That remains to be seen."
―The Emperor and Revan[1]

When the group approached the Citadel, they were greeted by half a dozen Imperial Guardsmen; however, Scourge persuaded them to let the group in and take them to just outside the throne room. Right before the Guardsmen were to open the doors to the room, and let them inside, Captain Yarri appeared and told them that only Scourge was allowed inside. When one of the Guardsmen pulled Revan away from the doors, Yarri saw his distinctive mask and realized who he was. Revan stunned the soldier who grabbed him with a kick, enabling his droid T3-M4 to shoot him with his blaster. At the same time, Surik took on two of the Guardsmen while Scourge fought Yarri. When an alarm was triggered by one of the other soldiers, Revan telekinetically threw the doors wide open. When one of the Guardsmen tried to stop Revan from entering the throne room, he leapt and somersaulted over the soldier, then tried to send him flying with the Force, only staggering him half a step because he was able to draw on the Emperor's power to augment himself. He feinted with a high chop, and when the Guard went to protect his legs, Revan slashed him across the throat.[1]

Confrontation with the Emperor[]

Revan and T3-M4 entered the room, while Surik and Scourge battled the guards outside. When a half dozen more Guards appeared, Revan ripped the stone archway above them free with the Force, causing them to fall back, enabling Revan and the others to enter the throne room, with T3-M4 closing and sealing the doors, while Revan engaged the Emperor, and Surik and Scourge held off Yarri and her Guards. Scourge slew one Guard with a slash to the chest, then he beheaded Yarri, while Surik took out both her opponents. While that was happening, the Emperor sent Revan flying backward with a telekinetic push. Then the Emperor tried to once again bring Revan under his control; however, Revan opened himself up to both the Light Side and Dark Side, and released the Force energy in its purest form, sending the Emperor flying backward. Revan charged towards him; however, he sent a bolt of Force lightning, which Revan blocked with his lightsaber. The Emperor then sent three more bolts, the first Revan deflected, the second he dodged, and the last he batted back towards the Emperor, striking him in the chest. Enraged, the Emperor unleashed a barrage of lightning, which Revan tried to draw in and contain, but the Emperor was too powerful, and Revan was badly burned. T3-M4 came to Revan's aid by shooting a jet of flame from its flamethrower, which caused the Emperor to stop blasting Revan with lightning in order to shield himself. The Emperor retaliated by blasting the droid apart, to Revan's horror.[1]

He then picked up Revan's lightsaber and planned to kill him with it; however, Surik saved him by throwing her own saber and knocking it out of the Emperor's hands. Scourge then rushed forward to stand beside the two Jedi. Suddenly, Scourge received a Force vision of all the various possible futures and outcomes of the fight. In some, Revan won, but in others, the Emperor was triumphant. Scourge didn't know which of the futures was most likely to occur or what he could do to help bring them about. All of a sudden, he saw a vision of the Emperor lying dead at the feet of a powerful Jedi, but one which was neither Revan, nor Surik, and he came to believe he knew what to do to help bring that about. He suddenly stabbed Surik in the back, shocking Revan with his betrayal and allowing the Emperor hit him with another lightning blast, bringing him into submission.[1]


When the Emperor told Scourge to explain himself, he lied and said that the two Jedi were working with Nyriss. The Emperor then ordered Scourge to finish off Revan. Scourge saw that Revan was badly wounded, and thought that he would die anyway, but when he went to try to kill Revan, the Emperor stopped him, saying that he proved himself. Afterwards, Revan was imprisoned and kept in a state of suspended animation, while the Emperor continually drained his energy and tried to pry inside his mind to find information about the Jedi and the Republic. For his seeming loyalty to the Sith Emperor, Scourge was made the first Emperor's Wrath and given immortality by the Emperor in a Sith ritual. Surik refused to pass on to the Force; however, but stayed behind as a spirit and supported Revan with her own energy, giving Revan the strength to not only resist the Emperor's attempts to obtain his knowledge, but also influence the Sith Emperor's thoughts and exploit his fear of death to get him to postpone his invasion of the Republic as long as possible. Also, Scourge vowed that he would use his immortality and position, by coming to know the Emperor's strengths and vulnerabilities, so that when the future Jedi in his vision came along, he would be able to help bring about the Emperor's demise.[1]



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