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"This is Harro Ruuk, Trade Federation Regional Commander of the Karthakk system. Turn back or you will be fired upon!"
―Harro Ruuk to Lok Revenants[src]

The Attack on the Trade Federation Sensor Station was led by Nym and the Lok Revenants to take out the Trade Federation Sensor Station that had been following their every move for the past ten years.


The pirate Nym and his band were attacking Trade Federation shipping in 32 BBY before losing their base in an attack. They would spent the next ten years on the run. After joining up with Jedi Master Adi Gallia and the Revenants, Nym could go on the offensive once again.

The battleEdit

The attack was staged in the air and sea with Sol Sixxa and Captain Orsai in command of 2 Demolition Boats loaded with explosives receiving air support from Nym, Jinkins, Reti and Adi Gallia. The passage to the Sensor Station was littered with mines and Tractor Towers. The group was also stymied by the arrival of bombers, Scarab-class starfigtherss and Trade Federation U-boats.

Once the group negotiated their way around the various islands and traps they came to the Sensor Station itself and were greeted by a warning from Harro Ruuk, The Trade Federation regional commander of the Karthakk system. Sol Sixxa then infiltrated the base and set explosive charges that destroyed the Station once and for all. Ruuk then surfaced in a crab submarine and engaged Nym, who promptly destroyed the submarine.


Nym and the group would then depart for coordinates that led to Mount Merakan to investigate the Federation's interest in the area. Ruuk would escape via escape pod and dock with a local Lucrehulk-class battleship where he would be killed by a vile of trihexalon after Captain Cavik Toth became most displeased with his apparent lack of progress.

Behind the scenesEdit

This article was created based on a mission in the video game Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter. The player flies as Nym in his personal starfighter.


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