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The Attack on the Windrunner was a conflict that happened above the planet of Serenno between the pirate ship Bloodskull and the Dooku airship Windrunner.


In 3 BBY, the pirate ship Bloodskull, commanded by Aveca Dunn, and operating under the employment of Rodas Borgin, attacked the Dooku airship Windrunner in an attempt to capture Bron Dooku. During the conflict, many pirates boarded the Windrunner using cables, engaging the airship's security force while Aveca snuck aboard to Bron. Imperial agent Jahan Cross who was on the Windrunner engaged in hand-to-hand combat with the Gotal pirate Ramchak and then pursued Aveca to her airship. He then commandeered the ship's deck-mounted turbolaser and blew a hole in the hull of the ship, critically damaging it. The ship later succumbed to its infrastructural damage and exploded. However, Aveca managed to escape using a dropship and was closely pursued by Cross, who had commandeered a dropship of his own. Landing in the local spaceport on Serenno, Aveca Dunn was later apprehended and incarcerated at The Spike.


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