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"It's too dangerous. The mercenaries are targeting us. It's up to you, Bravo Flight."
―Ric Olié just after the mercenaries appeared[src]

Shortly before the Blockade of Naboo, mercenaries attempted to kidnap Queen Amidala, leader of the Naboo. The mercenaries were secretly hired by the Trade Federation. The Federation lured the Queen of Naboo out to a remote region of space on the pretense of conducting negotiations. When the royal delegation reached the location, they were attacked by mercenaries. Unable to safely jump to hyperspace, the royal starship hid in an asteroid field as Bravo Flight pilots Essara Till and Rhys Dallows fended off waves of mercenary starfighters. Eventually, Queen Amidala escaped to hyperspace, but not the Bravo pilots.

The attempt[edit | edit source]

"Unidentified craft, power down or you will be fired upon."
―Till to the mercenaries[src]

Some time before the Invasion of Naboo, Queen Amidala agreed with the Trade Federation to meet for negotiations in a remote region of space. As the Royal starship approached the Federation ship, three mercenary ships approached quickly. The Trade Federation battleship immediately left for hyperspace, but the Naboo delegation was not as fast. Bravo pilots Essara Till and Rhys Dallows were sent to defend the Royal starship until it was ready for hyperspace. Till ordered Dallows to concentrate on the Daggers. After the first three starfighters, the mercenaries attacked in waves of Daggers, followed by waves of MorningStars. During the fighting, the Queen's starship took cover in a nearby asteroid belt.[3]

Just as the Royal starship was ready to make the jump to hyperspace, a wing of Dianogas came through the asteroids blocking the ship's escape route. Dallows attacked the new starfighters, enabling the Royal starship to finally escape. After the Queen's escape, a MorningStar came up behind and fired upon Dallows. Till came around to shoot the MorningStar. At that point, the leader of the mercenaries chose to appear. He shot down Till and disabled Dallows in quick succession using his craft's missiles before leaving.[3]

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Rhys Dallows was later found by the Toydarian Reti as he was scavenging for parts. Together, the two found Essara's body in the remains of her starfighter.[4] Dallows and Reti would later join forces with the mercenary Vana Sage and the pirate Nym to fight the Trade Federation.[2]

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This article was created based on "The Royal Escort," the second mission in the 2001 video game Star Wars: Starfighter. The game's strategy guide outlines the mission objectives.

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