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The Atterra campaign,[7] also known as the Atterra crisis, was a mission undertaken by the Resistance to transport supplies to the Atterrans in the Atterra system.[2]


Resistance base[]

In 34 ABY the Resistance bomber crew Hammer was sent on a reconnaissance mission to the twin Planets of Atterra Bravo and Atterra Alpha. They sent 500 probe droids to the surface of Bravo. While there they discovered automatic cannon fire from the asteroids in the Atterra Belt, mines, and a blockade. One ship made it through a patrol of TIE/fo space superiority fighter and lodged itself in the bomb bays. The Hammer jumped to hyperspace with all the probes gathered. Rose and Paige would eventually return to the planet and make contact with Bravo Rising. Reeve Panzoro would tell the Resistance all about the brutal blockade and what the freedom fighters needed most. Fossil would lead her crews to install of these things within 48 hours. One of the most important new pieces of equipment was Rose's power baffler, a device which rendered a spacecraft undetectable by power sources, but still let it be seen with the eyes.[2]


Rose installed a power baffler on every ship to allow the bombers to slip through. They would land on Refnu, a cold and inhospitable world, that was in need of ice bombers like theirs. The plan was for four runs to Bravo. Each time there would be five bombers on Refnu ice bombing for their cover story and six making the run.[2]

First run[]

The first run seemed to be going perfectly with the bombers dropping their payload of water condensers, food, fuel, blaster ammo, etc. into a ruin of a city. A short time before the drop, the power baffler on the Treasure failed due to the technician accidentally pulling out a few plugs. This alerted a nearby TIE fighter squadron, which attacked, but suffered heavy casualties. One managed to escape though, and report back to command.[2]

Second run[]

The second run would follow the same plan as the first. Four ships from Cobalt and two from Crimson Squadron. The attack came at them when they left the asteroid belt. The Hammer was first to be fired on, but its shields held. The Scarab and Wasp were not so lucky. The Hornet was able to take out a few TIEs while trying to turn around, but was ultimately overwhelmed. The reckless fighters pursued their remaining targets and subsequently took several losses from collisions in asteroids, mines, space debris (of the bombers). The remaining bombers retreated back to Refnu.[2]

Third run[]

Realizing she needed to change their plan. Fossil ordered ships to fly as pairs and approach the planet was different angles. One would fly regularly, with the cargo. This one would be covered by an empty and faster one. With losses suffered from the previous mission only two could stay back for icebreaking. Hammer set for the remains busiest spaceport of the Firestone Islands. On the way there Hammer and the Belle engaged in combat with TIEs and won by luring them into the asteroid field.[2]

Fourth and final run[]

Since the squadron failed to make a drop the second run, they had to to do another drop. These two times were very smooth. No First Order forces engaged them. This was due to the Hosnian Cataclysm and subsequent attacks on Starkiller Base and the all out war between the Resistance and First Order. These forces were likely making moves to sweep up the rest of the New Republic.[2]


After the success of helping Bravo Rising Cobalt and Crimson were evacuated to D'Qar for the imminent attack by the Ninka. Rose was promoted to Vice Admiral Holdo's ship[2]



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