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Attico Wred was a human male Rebel pilot who served in the Galactic Civil War. A former Imperial TIE pilot, he defected to the rebellion after refusing to fire on an unarmed civilian craft. He flew with Green Squadron, as Green Four, in the battle of Scarif.[1]


Wred helmet

Attico Wred's flight helmet

Attico Wred was a TIE fighter pilot in the Galactic Empire. One day, he was given orders by his superiors to shoot down an unarmed civilian craft. Refusing to kill innocent civilians, Wred saw the Empire's true colors and defected to the Alliance to Restore the Republic. There, he flew as Green Four in Green Squadron, holding the rank of lieutenant. He took up a rivalry with Nozzo Naytaan, another Rebel pilot flying as Red Nine in Red Squadron. In 0 BBY, he participated in the rebel assault on Scarif where his squadron primarily engaged the Imperial starships above the Shield Gate.[1]



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