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Atticus Farstar was a Human male Separatist general during the Clone Wars. In the aftermath, Atticus guided several surviving Separatists into hiding on the Outer Rimplanet Ostor. They had hidden themselves there under the belief that the Galactic Empire, formerly the Galactic Republic, would not trace them there. However, the Imperials under the Sith Lord Darth Vader traced Atticus and his men and invaded the planet. The Imperial commander, General Rohn, was unsuccessful, and the offensive was considered the biggest military disaster for the Imperials at the time. Hock Malsuum, a clone stormtrooper involved in the conflict, later reflected that, despite their being enemies, he had a lot more respect for Farstar than to Rohn in terms of leadership.


After the Clone Wars ended and the leaders of the Separatist Alliance were wiped out by the Empire, General Farstar retreated to the outskirts with other surviving separatists to Ostor. There they believed that they could escape the seizure of power by the Empire in order to continue to live in seclusion. Two years after the war ended and the Galactic Empire established by Emperor Palpatine, Farstar was in command of a separatist cell that was nevertheless tracked down by the Empire. Darth Vader gave General Rohn the command of the Imperial forces to defeat the separatists in a military offensive and capture the planet. The first attack ended in disaster for the Empire, as it initiated Farstar's diversionary maneuver and successfully lured the Imperial forces into a canyon into a canyon from where the separatists launched an ambush attack and almost completely wiped out the enemy forces. Later, Darth Vader sent a second wave of attack into battle, this time receiving support from the air. This finally broke the defense and eliminated the leadership of the separatist group, consisting of Lima Starcourt, Phootla Veer and Reebo Keen.

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