"A bit too seriously, my friend. I've been killed once. It didn't take."
―Attuma Duum to Sabat.[src]

Attuma Duum was a cyborg pirate, weapons dealer, and war profiteer who died but was rebuilt into a cyborg body prior to 21 BBY. During the Clone Wars, he played the Galactic Republic and Confederacy of Independent Systems against each other, luring two fleets to his asteroid field base. He encountered Aayla Secura and Shon-Ju during the battle in but escaped with his life.


Prior to 21 BBY, Attuma Duum met death but was resurrected in a cyborg body, with only his face left. He disguised his true form. Over the years, various parties had sent many assassins after him, including flesh-eating nanobots, brain-snipers from Latza VII, and a Xandonian night terror.[1]

During the Clone Wars, he had a base in an asteroid field near the moon Cavamina Minor. To profit from the war, he passed on information to the Galactic Republic and the Separatist Alliance. He lured both a Republic and Separatist fleet to his base under false pretenses, ambushing the two fleets with a minefield.[1]

Prior to the battle, Duum had captured two Force-sensitives with the help of his friend and chief of security, Sabat. The two captives escaped and confronted Duum after killing Sabat. Duum engaged in one-on-one combat with Shon-Ju, but was bested. Aayla Secura intervened to save Shon-Ju from finishing the destruction of Duum's damaged body. Duum entered a Class-6 escape pod and rocketed away from his doomed base. Even though his empire was crippled, Duum planned on rebuilding.[1]

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"'Personal enjoyment isn't reason enough? What you Jedi don't understand is that your wars are pointless. And the longer they drag out—the longer I can drag them out—the richer I get. So why not have some fun, too?"
―Duum to Aayla Secura[src]

After his death, he portrayed a cavalier attitude to death. He disguised his appearance to the galaxy at large with a blond wig and good clothes, including an expensive cape. Duum was devoted to credits, and was willing to play both sides of the war against each other, and called the deception fun. He overestimated his fighting ability against Shon-Ju and fled after Secura intervened to keep Shon-Ju from killing him.[1]

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Attuma Duum appears in the 2010 graphic novella The Clone Wars: Deadly Hands of Shon-Ju. His name is misspelled "Atuma Duum" on the summary on the back of the novella.



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