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Atzerri was a tradeworld in the Inner Rim, near the Hydian Way. This planet was a member of the Association of Free Trade Worlds and only had as much government as necessary to stave off total chaos.


The planet consisted of mostly marshes and cities where almost anything, legal or illegal, could be had for a price. Arriving visitors ran a gauntlet of gaudily lit stores known as Trader's Plaza, designed to hook new arrivals and separate them from their credits as soon as possible. With little regulation, Atzerri was a world of grandiose free market policies and utter corruption. Atzerri Air Traffic Control guided people arriving and leaving. The red-light Pemblehov District was a common hangout for drug addicts.


In 23 BBY, after the Battle of Antar 4, many Gotals fled to Atzerri. This led to a hostage crisis in 22 BBY, shortly before the Clone Wars. After the fall of Duro during Operation Durge's Lance, Republic media claimed that the neutral Atzerri, along with Corellia, would become the next victims of the Separatist war machine, General Grievous, however, denied the claims in the CIS Shadowfeed, stating that the campaign would stop if the Republic recognized the Confederacy of Independent Systems.[7]

An AT-ST surveys a local dwelling.

In 0 BBY, it was discovered that the local Moff, Kalast, had been feeding top secret Imperial information concerning the Death Star to Bothan spies working for the Rebellion. Since he owned an estate on Atzerri, the Empire suspected that Kalast would be located there.[8]

During the conflict, the local population assisted the Rebellion whenever possible, including actively fighting against Imperial garrisons. However, the Empire managed to maintain control of Atzerri despite local resistance. At some point following the Battle of Endor, Atzerri joined or was annexed into the New Republic.

During the Black Fleet Crisis, Luke Skywalker visited the planet under the alias Li Stonn with his Fallanassi companion Akanah Norand Goss Pell. Tricking Skywalker, Akanah conceived a tale that Luke's mother was located on Atzerri. In reality Akanah was searching for her father. Abandoning him in the Trader's Plaza, Akanah searched, in vain, for her father.

Bored, Skywalker roamed the sprawling market, discovered the nightclub Jabba's Throne Room. In here, Skywalker was amused to find a not-so-perfect representation of the galactic gangster's intimidating headquarters. Skywalker was seated underneath a "frozen Han Solo in carbonite" and served a drink from the "slave girl." He finally called it quits after a Wookiee actor failed to impress him with his Chewbacca impression.

Akanah was disappointed to discover her father Joreb Goss was drug addicted and impoverished. The drug Rokna blue had taken its toll on his mind and he was unable to remember even having a daughter. Skywalker and Akanah left on the Mud Sloth, both mourning their failure.

The planet was later conquered by the Yuuzhan Vong with the assistance of the Peace Brigade. It eventually came into affiliation with the Galactic Alliance after the Yuuzhan Vong War.

During the Confederation-Galactic Alliance War, Atzerri withdrew its representatives in the Galactic Alliance Senate after one of their freighters was destroyed as it attempted to run the Alliance's Blockade of Corellia, targeting an Alliance starfighter piloted by Jacen Solo as it did so. Solo destroyed the freighter regardless of the fact that its weaponry had been disabled, although he was technically operating under the Rules of Engagement.[6] The planet eventually joined the Confederation.[4]



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