Aubin Kleej, nicknamed the Goethar's Shame, was a male Gotal and the son of a famous swoop-duelist Goethar Kleej.


Aubin's mother was killed when he was young by the slavers of The Crucible. Like his father, Aubin was forced to train to become swoop-duelist for the Franchise. Growing up on the "farm" where the duelists trained, he wasn't raised around other Gotals, so nobody taught him to filter out the electromagnetic signals they received through their head-cones. As a result, every day was a struggle with madness for him.

In 3963 BBY the Franchise decided to put him on the dueling ring on Jervo's world above Pantolomin, where his father, not knowing that his son was near him, tried to tell the public the truth about the conditions under which the duelists on the "farm" trained. As the company anticipated that move, his speech was replaced with a pre-recorded one and he was threatened to be brought back to the farm unless he co-operated again. Goethar was shown the holo of his son on the dueling ring and Bardron explained that though he was very inexperienced, the players were instructed to avoid him to allow the son of the famous Goethar Kleej to advance. Goethar agreed to co-operate and asked to be placed on the ring next to his son. However, he was put in the last qualifier and Aubin was placed in the round with Zayne Carrick, whom Goethar asked, rather threatening, to keep Aubin in play and alive. With incredible luck, Zayne and Aubin managed to make through to the tandem finals.

Later, Carrick compared Gotal's natural ability to receive electromagnetic signal with the Force and tried to teach Aubin to filter out unwanted signals. During the finals of the Tandem Open Zayne Carrick helped Aubin and his father escape the arena in the stolen trash bin.


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