"I wasn't supposed to die here, I was supposed to train with Master Windu, on Coruscant. My Master said I was destined for the Jedi Council."
―Aubrie Wyn during the Battle of Jabiim[src]

Aubrie Wyn was the female Human Jedi Padawan of Jedi Master Sirrus and a Commander during the Clone Wars.

Biography[edit | edit source]

"Since I was a baby, someone else has made all of my choices for me. Today, I get to make my first real decision, on my own. And I'm not going to make the wrong one."
―Aubrie Wyn[src]

Aubrie was one of the best healers at the Jedi Temple and had been marked for advanced training with Mace Windu. Some said she was destined for service on the Jedi Council. However, before this could come to pass, she and her Master were sent to fight on Jabiim. Sirrus was killed shortly after they were deployed, and she became one of the orphaned Jedi Commanders who comprised the Padawan Pack.

Aubrie dies just after she kills Alto Stratus.

On the forty-third day of the battle, the battle had finally reached Separatist commander Alto Stratus's stronghold. As the battle raged, the Padawans fell one by one, sometimes together. Aubrie was the last Jedi to stay alive. Taking up the lightsaber of her fallen comrade Vaabesh, she confronted Alto Stratus face-to-face. Wounded from an earlier hit, Stratus had to defend himself from a grounded position. As Aubrie moved in for the kill, Stratus hit her square in the chest with a blaster at point-blank range. As she fell forward, her lightsabers plunged into Stratus' chest, killing him as well. In the end, however, her sacrifice proved to be in vain: the Galactic Republic was forced to retreat, leaving the Loyalists on the planet behind cursing at the retreating forces.

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