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The auction of Rur was held by rogue archaeologist Doctor Chelli Aphra in 0 ABY on the Sorca Retreat space station in which she hoped to sell off the Rur crystal, an ancient Ordu artifact which contained the corrupted artificial intelligence of the former Jedi Rur.[4]


After acquiring the Rur crystal, the rogue archaeologist Doctor Aphra decided to sell the artifact for a profit.[4] She managed to organize an auction at the space station Sorca Retreat by infiltrating two Undervine journalists' starship and using their transmitter to advertise her auction. To distract the journalists Dixnet Dat and Domthro Rus, Dr Aphra hired the Wookiee bounty hunter Black Krrsantan to entertain them with stories about his life as a bounty hunter in the service of the Xonti Brothers.[5]

The auction[]

The bidding war[]

The Auction of Rura attracted several guests including Yonak of the Son-tuul Pride, the Cyban Front, the Shadow University, the Dominion of the Ezaraa, Thomas Toov, Papa Toren and Sutha of the Hutt Clan. Addressing the guests, Dr Aphra claims that Eternal Rur can provide invaluable data, hold the secrets to eternal life, and can take control of artificial intelligence through technopathy. The Cyban Front is skeptical of her claims until one of their droids is possessed by Eternal Rur before being struck down. Dr Aphra then leaves so that the bidders can consider their bids.[4]

Seeking freedom from their master, Dr Aphra's "killer droids" Triple Zero and Beetee decide to sabotage her plans by informing Darth Vader about the auction.[4] While the blue Cyban Front droid was being repaired, Triple Zero and Beetee also secretly installed the Rur crystal inside the droid's chassis in an effort to turn the situation to their favor and due to their love for carnage and violence.[2]

Dr Aphra then met with the bidders. Papa Toren, who was representing the Xonti Brothers, said that his clients would like to examine the artifacts before making an offer. The first bidder was Thomas Toov, who desired immortality. Despite their mutual animosity, the Son-tuul Pride and Hutt Clan combined their bids in an attempt to bleed each other. By contrast, the red droid representing the Cyban Front offered to pay Dr Aphra to destroy the crystal, fearing the danger of technopathy.[2]

Meanwhile, the xenophobic Ezaraa placed a bid 0.000001 of their Imperial revenue for the Rur crystal. They threatened to torture Aphra and her descendants should she refuse to accept their offer. Meanwhile, the Shadow University's representatives offer Dr Aphra unique artifacts and full access to the Shadow University's archives. They also threatened to expose the fraudulent methods she had used to obtain her doctorate should she refuse. Finally, the Xoxti Brothers wanted to use the Rur crystal to power android gladiators. Their presence created friction with their former slave gladiator Black Krrsantan, who wanted to settle scores with them for their brutal training.[2]

A disastrous auction[]

After Triple Zero informed Dr Aphra that the Shadow University had increased its bid to a little over a third of Toov's bid, Dr Aphra decided to accept the university's offer. Summoning the bidders to the main hall, Dr Aphra announced that the Shadow University had won the bid. Before she could arrange shipping however, Eternal Rur broke out of the containment cylinder. Housed inside the chassis of the blue Cyban droid and armed with two blue lightsabers, the artificial intelligence sought revenge against those who had tried to buy him.[2]


Eternal Rur proceeded to slaughter many of the bidders. Triple Zero and Beetee, who had taken over the gun turrets, also unleashed blaster fire on the guests. Amidst the mayhem, Dr Aphra struck a deal with Black Krrsantan to help him access weapons he needed to honor his "life debt" to the Xonti Brothers. The surviving bidders armed themselves with weapons while Dr Aphra made her way back to her room in order to renegotiate a deal with her killer droids. Lord Vader, who had been alerted to the auction, arrived with an Imperial Star Destroyer and stormtroopers.[6]

Dr Aphra managed to convince Triple Zero and Beetee to spare her life in return for removing the inhibitor program that allowed her to control them. Aphra subsequently helped Black Krrsantan to capture the Xonti Brothers, allowing him to settle scores with them.[7] Aphra managed to escape with the Shadow University's ship, which was carrying rare artifacts. Meanwhile, Darth Vader defeated Eternal Rur and captured the Rur crystal. The deaths of many underworld leaders at the Sorca auction crippled the underworld, allowing the Galactic Empire to focus on the Rebel Alliance.[8]

Behind the scenes[]

The Auction of Rur first appeared in the Marvel Comics issues Doctor Aphra (2016) 9 and Doctor Aphra (2016) 10, the first two issues of the 2017 Star Wars: Doctor Aphra Book III: The Enormous Profit story arc.



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