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"I am no mere infiltrator! I am Augin Blaesus and I am a Child of the Emperor!"
―Augin Blaesus to Barsen'thor[src]

Augin Blaesus was a male Human Force-sensitive who served as representative of the planet Erigorm, one of the Galactic Republic's finances centers for centuries.


During the Galactic War, he allied with the Rift Alliance, a separatist group that sought to secede from the Republic.

However, Blaesus was also secretly a Child of the Emperor. While the Barsen'thor was on Hoth, Tobas Grell sent Blaesus as an envoy to Waypoint Station Three, to accept Sarkhai's donation of soldiers to the Republic. When he arrived, however, he showed his true nature, killed the soldiers, and held King Sethun and Queen Nyscha hostage. The Barsen'thor and their allies arrived in time to stop him and liberate the royal family. Augin Blaesus engaged the Jedi Consular in a lightsaber duel, but was easily defeated.

Personality and traitsEdit

"So much darkness, and I never felt anything from you except fear."
"Hmm. Is that curiosity, or envy?"
―The Barsen'thor and Blaesus, upon discovery of the latter's true identity[src]

When first encountered, Blaesus appeared to suffer from extreme anxiety. He was easily panicked and always stuttered when speaking. However, this was merely a ruse to hide his true nature. When confronted on Waypoint Station Three, Blaesus expressed how difficult and agonizing it was to restrain himself from killing the Barsen'thor. He also took pride in his thoroughness in killing the soldiers and civilians on the Station. S. Geland, a fellow Child, told the Jedi that Blaesus always enjoyed having a theatrical streak.


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