Augmented spin barrels were a blaster rifle or heavy blaster rifle modification available for AurebeshSans-Serif credit.png1750 following the Battle of Yavin during the Galactic Civil War between the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the Galactic Empire. The barrel increased the armor penetration and damage output of a weapon using updated and streamlined galven pattern and heavy duty static pulse adaptors. The downside to using the barrel was increased maintenance and downtime for the weapon due to a greater amount of stress placed on both the frame and barrel. Examples of augmented spin barrels that were available included Dolmax's 234X augmented spin barrel, Arakyd Industries' HH780 HotShot barrel and BlasTech Industries Model 213 Perforator barrel.[1]

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Augmented spin barrels were first mentioned in the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Core Rulebook released by Fantasy Flight Games in 2014.

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