Aunt Z's Tavern was the most popular eatery on the Colossus. It was owned by Z'Vk'Thkrkza, whose alias Aunt Z gave the tavern its name. A droid named Glitch assisted her by serving clients and running simulation on the races' odds. The tavern was one of the sponsors of Hype Fazon, and his ship, Green Ace.[1][2][3]

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Newcomers or regulars, like Al and Jooks, could go there to eat, bet on the races, receive wise advice from Aunt Z, and of course enjoy a drink at the counter, which was often busy, in one of the alcoves, or on the balcony, which had a direct view of Doza Tower. Besides refreshment, foods, bets, and the occasional bar fight, patrons could also entertain themselves with music from a jukebox, two arcades, and a holo-dart target.[1][2][3]

The place was decorated with all sort of oddities. Behind the counter was a collection of helmets, some of them Mandalorian, Imperial, rebel, or even from the old clone trooper pilot. There was also a reproduction of the decal that decorated the flanks of the Crumb Bomber, a gunship from the Clone Wars.[4]

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