"Dirty and dangerous, huh? And which one of those does Auntie Nags consider worse?"
―Dhara Leonis[src]

Auntie Nags was a nanny droid with a feminine programming that belonged to the Leonis family. By 3272 LY, she had been in the family for so many generations that no one remembered when they had acquired her. Likewise, the Leonises had forgotten what her original model number had been. She was tasked with taking care of the Leonis children from infancy to adolescence, which included helping them with their schoolwork.


Serving the LeonisesEdit

Auntie Nags belonged to the Leonis family for several generations. During the time of the Galactic Empire, she helped Leo and his wife Tepha Leonis to raise their two children: their daughter Dhara and their son Zare. Since Leo and Tepha worked as agricultural scientists for the Ministry of Agriculture, Nags and her employers settled on several worlds including Hosk Station, Moorja, and Viamarr. She raised Dhara and Zare from infancy to adolescence.[1]

Moving to LothalEdit

By the time that Dhara and Zare were fifteen and fourteen years old respectively, the Leonis family had settled on the Outer Rim world of Lothal, a backwater agricultural world that was the target of a new Imperial development program. Shortly after their arrival, Dhara was accepted to study at the Academy for Young Imperials in Lothal's Capital City. To celebrate Dhara's acceptance, her parents organized a farewell dinner that was attended by several Imperial dignitaries including Governor Arihnda Pryce, Lieutenant Piers Roddance, and Assistant Vice Minister Sarkos.[1]

During the dinner, Auntie Nags helped serve the guests refreshments. She also scolded Zare for not making conversation with one of the guests, Sarkos. Despite his annoyance, Zare did not snarl at her due to his respect for her. Instead, he apologized and admitted that he was despondent because he was too young to attend the Imperial Academy. Auntie Nags tried to encourage Zare by telling him that he was a Leonis and that he should make the best of the situation by studying hard at the Junior Academy of Applied Sciences until he could join his sister at the Academy the following year. She then returned to serving jogan clusters and suggested that Zare chat with Ames Bunkle, Dhara's classmate at the Academy.[1]

Auntie Nags did not approve of Zare's participation in his school's grav-ball team, the AppSci SaberCats, since she regarded grav-ball as a dirty and dangerous sports. This view was shared by Zare's mother Tepha, who lamented Lothal's obsession with this full-contact sports. When discussing Nags' predicament with his sister Dhara during a visit to the Imperial Academy, Dhara jokingly asked whether Auntie Nags considered dirty or dangerous worse. Zare responded that he thought it was a tie.[1]

Growing Resistance to the EmpireEdit

Unknown to Auntie Nags, Zare had made friends with a fellow grav-ball player named Beck Ollet, whose family orchard had been expropriated by the Empire to make way for a mineral extraction project. One night, Zare, Beck and another friend, the hacker Merei Spanjaf, had discovered that unknown insurgents had planted explosives on Imperial mining droids in the Westhills. After the insurgents had fled, Beck gave the Imperial authorities the wrong directions, which enabled them to escape.[1]

Following that incident, Auntie Nags served woke Zare up the next morning to inform him that an Imperial officer was visiting their household. She informed him that the officer wanted to question him at the Security Ministry. After telling Zare that his parents were serving the visitor a cup of caf, her eyes flashed red. She proceeded to berate Zare for embarking with his friends on a "foolish adventure." Zare accused her of eavesdropping and denied he had been involved in any wrongdoing. At that remarked, Auntie Nags rolled way to grumble. Zare subsequently cooperated with the officer but omitted any mention of what Beck had done.[1]

During the winter season, Zare had a disagreement with his school's athletic director Janus Fhurek. The bigoted Fhurek had demanded that Zare cull the SaberCats' two alien members, the Rodian Frid Kelio and the Aqualish Hench Sina, from his team to appease "bigoted" fans. The fair-minded Zare had stood his ground and refused. At dinner time, he related the incident to his parents and Auntie Nags. The nanny droid commented that Fhurek had obviously not been raised right; a view shared by both Leo and Tepha.[1]

Following a grav-ball competition, Zare and Beck visited the Westhills where they discovered that the Imperials were using hazardous mining machinery. Upon arriving home, Auntie Nags chided Zare for his dirty state and went puttering around the kitchen, hunting for non-existent dust particles. When Zare asked for a hot drink, she complained that it would keep him awake all night. She also reminded Zare that his sister was coming home for the winter break this week and that he needed to complete his application to join the Imperial Academy. However, she agreed to serve him some hot chocolate. When Zare shed a tear about his dilemma on whether to join the Academy, Aunty Nags patted his shoulder and comforted him.[1]

Dhara returned in time for Zare's fifteenth birthday. That night, Auntie Nags had brought out a decorated glazed birthday cake. During the spring season, Zare took care not to alarm Auntie Nags and focused on his exams. On one occasion however, Zare and Beck witnessed Imperial troops opening fire on a demonstration of farmers protesting their eviction in the Westhills. When Zare arrived home, he ignored Auntie Nags's flurry of questions and settled down to watching a factually inaccurate HoloNet report on the shooting incident, which painted the farmers as the aggressors.[1]

The Disappearance of DharaEdit

Auntie Nags' persistent fussing over trivial matters did little to prepare her for a major crisis in the Leonis family. During a training exercise in the Easthills, Dhara Leonis disappeared for more than a week. Auntie Nags was present when Commandant Cumberlayne Aresko visited the Leonises' household to announce that Dhara had run away. The nanny droid was so distraught by the news that she kept running in circles around the kitchen while exclaiming "Oh dear" repeatedly. Despite efforts by the Imperial authorities to locate her, no sign of Dhara was ever found on Lothal.[1]

While Leo accepted the official Imperial account and blamed himself for not noticing his daughter's alleged distress, Zare and Tepha were skeptical. During the summer season, Zare, at the suggestion of his friends Beck and Merei, devised a plan to infiltrate the Imperial Academy in order to discover the whereabouts of his sister. After returning home, Zare discussed his idea with his mother Tepha. Knowing Auntie Nags' reputation for eavesdropping, Zare asked the nanny droid to do a manual shut down. Despite her protests, Nags' reluctantly complied with his wishes. While Auntie Nags was switched off, Tepha reluctantly consented to Zare's plan but warned him that they could never tell his father, who was a staunch Imperial loyalist.[1]

During Zare's farewell dinner prior to joining the Imperial Academy, Auntie Nags served the guests trays of dainties. Commandant Aresko and his aide Taskmaster Myles Grint monopolized her trays of dainties. This farewell dinner helped to perpetuate the ruse that Zare and his family were loyal Imperial citizens.[1]

Zare at the AcademyEdit

Auntie Nags continued serving the Leonis family while Zare Leonis underwent his training at the Academy for Young Imperials. When Zare's girlfriend Merei Spanjaf once visited the Leonis household, Nags greeted her at the door. When Merei asked whether Tepha was at home, her eyes flared yellow after Merei failed to address her master as Mrs Leonis. Despite her annoyance with the teenager, she still informed Tepha that Merei had come to visit her. During the visit, Merei assured Tepha that she was continuing her search for Dhara. Along with Zare, Merei and Tepha disbelieved the official Imperial account about Dhara's disappearance.[2]

When Zare returned to visit the Leonis family home during the winter season, she was still puttering about when Leonis entered the kitchen. Noting that he had woken up early, she offered him a mug of hot chocolate, which he gladly accepted. While Leonis was sipping his drink, Auntie Nags fawned over him and chatted about how empty the apartment seemed without him around. When she recalled that she had forgotten to mention his missing sister Dhara, her photo-receptors turned yellow as she apologized to Zare.[3]

When Zare confided that he missed his sister, Nags assured the young Cadet by telling him that Dhara would be proud of her brother if she knew how he had progressed. She recalled that a year ago, Dhara had talked about how she could not wait for her brother to learn everything she was learning. Nags even recalled that Zare was sitting at the spot where she had been sitting during the last winter break. During the last day of the winter break, Nags was annoyed when Zare and Tepha decided to go on a shopping trip to Capital City's marketplace without bring her along. Knowing her reputation for eavesdropping, her owners had not brought her along since they wanted to discuss Zare's plan to rescue his sister Dhara. Contrary to Imperial reports, Dhara had not run away but had been abducted for a secret Imperial program called Project Harvester, which was based as a secret installation connected to the Arkanis Academy.[3]

After Zare was transferred to the Arkanis Academy as a reward for exposing a fellow Cadet Nazhros Oleg's attempt to pervert the course of justice by protecting his uncles, Auntie Nags answered the intercom when Zare's girlfriend Merei visited the Leonis family household. During her visit, Merei revealed the real reason why the Empire had transferred Zare to Arkanis early: they believed that he was connected to a rebel cell on Lothal. Due to its highly sensitive nature, Tepha did not share this information with Auntie Nags and Leo.[3]

Following Zare's transfer to Arkanis, Auntie Nags answered his call in the comm terminal in the Leonises' apartment in Capital City. After accessing a comm booth in the nearby town of Scaparus Port, Zare had decided to contact his parents. Due to the time difference between Lothal and Arkanis, Zare's call reached the family household at midnight. Auntie Nags was grumpy at being disturbed in the middle of the night but accepted Leonis' explanation and passed the call to his mother Tepha.[4]

Escaping LothalEdit

After Zare Leonis was arrested and scheduled for trial before a military tribunal on Arkanis, Merei and her mother Jessa traveled in a speeder to the Leonis family apartment in Capital City to warn them. When Merei pressed the family's call button, Auntie Nags answered the door and asked her to state her business. Shortly later, Nags opened the door to let the visitors in. Merei then told Tepha and Leo that they needed to flee into hiding because Zare had been arrested and put on trial. While Tepha knew the truth behind Dhara's disappearance and Zare's motives for joining the Imperial Academy, Auntie Nags and Leo reacted with shock and bewilderment.[4]

After Leo was stunned by Merei, Auntie Nags complied with Tepha's orders to help carry Leo into the Spanjafs' speeder. While traveling on the highway to their prearranged escape rendezvous point in the Westhills, Auntie Nags sat beside Leo. After they were trapped by four drivers on speeder bikes, Auntie Nags and Tepha along with Merei and Jessa emerged from the vehicle to surrender. Fortunately for Auntie Nags and her masters, they were rescued by the Ithorian tavern keeper Old Jho whose freighter blasted the Imperials. Auntie Nags then accompanied the Leonises and the Spanjafs to a hideout on the planet Garel.[4]

Personality and traitsEdit

"Auntie Nags, I need you to shut down. Mum and I are going to have a private conversation."
"Zare Leonis, I was programmed to be discreet."
"And I've learnt to be cautious. Please don't make me give you an order."
―Zare Leonis and Auntie Nags[src]

Auntie Nags was an ancient nanny droid who had served the Leonis family for several generations. She was so old that nobody remembered exactly how long she had served the Leonis family or what model number she was. She was equipped with a wheeled locomotion unit, synthflesh hands, weather sensors, and a female personality. Her photoreceptors changed color depending on her mood. When Auntie Nags was calm, they flashed green, but they would turn yellow when the droid adopted a scolding attitude, and red whenever she was angry.[1]

Auntie Nags was known for her nagging and fussy nature. She was also known to fuss over trivial matters like Zare bring home non-existent dust particles and coming home dirty from a grav-ball game. When Auntie Nags learnt that Dhara had disappeared and purportedly run away, she was so distraught that she ran around the kitchen in circles. Despite her mothering nature, Auntie Nags was also known to eavesdrop on conversations. This prompted Zare to instruct her to do a manual shut-down on at least one occasion.[1] The elderly nanny droid was never known to sleep except during her rare maintenance cycles. She usually puttered around the entire day. Nags was also able to remember seemingly trivial information like Dhara's exact seating position a year later.[3]


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