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"A drink, good sirs? Old Aunuanna's brew is the finest on Nar Shaddaa! Real gizer ale, upon my honor!"

Aunuanna was a Human woman living on Nar Shaddaa a few years after the Battle of Naboo. She was the mother of Aurra Sing.


A poor, if not senile, old woman, she was reduced to selling her home-brewed Gizer ale on the street. After selling her wares on Kyood Vurd's turf one too many times, he decided to have the old woman killed. Luckily for her, Jedi Masters Mace Windu and Depa Billaba arrived in time to save her. She had seen the Jedi Master Quinlan Vos before they had arrived claiming, "So many Jedi! Three in one day!" Grateful, she gave the Jedi her most prized possession, her child's father's swoop bike.

Aunuanna was extremely grateful to the Jedi for saving her life and because the Jedi had taken her baby away from her, and in turn, away from the slums of Nar Shaddaa. She referred to her child only as "My Angel," but it was later revealed that her child was none other than the infamous Jedi hunter Aurra Sing.



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