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Aura spice, also called Auraspice or Spice, was a valuable substance carried by General Luke Skywalker and his charge, the princess. They had 200 pounds of it concealed with them on Aquilae.

When the two bureaucrats evacuate to Aquilae from the space fortress, they find one of the hidden containers near their landing site. They fight over it and are captured by the General.

Han Solo smuggled Auraspice for the pirate Captain Oxus, apparently losing a shipment of Akurian spice with Montross. As a result he was deeply in debt to Oxus.

Behind the scenesEdit

Aura spice takes the place of the gold hidden inside staves of wood in Akira Kurosawa's Hidden Fortress, the immediate inspiration for Episode IV. It also becomes a minor plot point in future drafts, resurfacing as "spice" or Auraspice in the second draft, and becoming a substance smuggled by Han Solo.



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