An aural sensor, also referred to as audio interpreter,[1] was a sensor device found on all spaceships.[2]


An aural sensor could give audio simulations of the sounds of nearby spaceships' engines and other relevant sounds while in the vacuum of space. This was done to give a spaceship's crew a rough idea of where surrounding ships were when they were not visible on a ship's screens.[2]


The Millennium Falcon was equipped with such sensors.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

These sensors were "invented" to explain why sound was heard in space in the Star Wars films, despite the physical impossibility of that (as there is no substance that can transmit soundwaves). This phenomenon is seen in a number of science fiction films and games, not just the Star Wars ones, and although conflicting physics, is generally accepted as part of suspension of disbelief, as the audience would be left confused otherwise.


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