Auratera was a terrestrial planet located in the Outer Rim Territories located in one of the oldest civilized areas of the civilized galaxy.


Located deep in the Vorzyd sector of the galaxy, the planet Auratera was situated between its star system's twin stars. While only orbiting Aurell, the larger of the two stars, Auratera moved between the two and only experienced a night cycle when Ryern was eclipsed by Aurell. The near-constant exposure to the sun meant that Auratera was a bright world, though the temperature and level of light was directly related to the two stars' proximity to the planet based on orbital patterns.[1]

The entire planet was overly saturated in the Force, particularly aspects generally associated with the light side as observed by the Jedi Order. The Order speculated that the constant light from the sun helped to promote this strengthened connection; others believe the sunlight enables a richer biosphere that in turn promotes more life; others point to the ancient vergence in the Force that led to the discovery of the world. Despite the multitude of theories, definitive proof for any one theory was never established.[1]


First discovered by a Jedi Knight drawn to a vergence in the Force, the Jedi Order established a temple at the site, which was named Acablas. As colonists flocked to the terrestrial world, the Order restricted access to Acablas due to its incredible strength making it unsafe for even some Jedi Knights. As cities began to grow on the world, the Order grew concerned that Auratera would begin to be targeted in times of war.[1]

Indeed, the planet was not sparred for the change in control of the Vorzyd sector as it switched hands between the Jedi Order and the Sith Empire. Sometimes conquered, other times peacefully switching hands depending on the greater power in the system, the world was frequently visited by Jedi Masters and Sith Lords alike. When the New Sith Wars ended and the Brotherhood of the Sith was destroyed, the Jedi Order and the local government conspired to eliminate the planet from Republic star-charts to prevent future invasions. The Jedi Master Nareen Cale took on the responsibility of altering official files, designating the planet as uninhabitable after the last invasion by the Empire. Through this action, Cale ensured that Auratera was forgotten by the greater galaxy and left alone. The Jedi maintained a presence on the world, sending out Jedi Masters and research parties to conduct surveys at the site under the guidance of a permanent caretaker. As the governments of the greater galaxy fought over their world, the planet's inhabitants continued to operate their farms, or work as foresters and ranchers. Despite an overall sense of dedication to the world, each successive war drove away more and more settlers, causing attrition of the civilization. As the forests reclaimed abandoned cities, the civilization that remained on Auratera were scattered and isolated.[1]

During the Clone Wars, the Jedi High Council recalled all members of the Order from the site in hopes that the Confederacy of Independent Systems would not seek to invade the world. When the Order was destroyed at the end of the Clone Wars, Auratera was left almost completely forgotten. Despite not having any control of the space surrounding the planet, due to a lack of starships, the residents of Auratera remain protected by the legacy of the Jedi. While some residents left Auratera during the reign of the Galactic Empire, they kept the location of their homeworld a secret, protecting loved ones they left behind.[1]


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