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Aurea was a planet, located in the Aurea system,[2] well known for its expert artisans, gathered in the Aurean Glassworkers Guild.[2] The skilled glass workers of the planet were known to make objects of outstanding beauty; luxury vessels that were considered nearly priceless. Further, if one of the vessels was broken, they were known to recreate the object with an even greater beauty than before.

Where this skill arose from was unknown; speculations included an extremely long tradition of glass working, the planet's golden sands, or the temperature of the fires.

Aurea is a diverse planet, with mid-sized landmasses of differing makeups surrounded by large, deep blue oceans. Most continents have a tropical climate, with some being more temperate. Vast deserts of shifting sand dunes dominate others, such as the largest northern continent with Shakamm Crater and Crysallia, though these tend to have tropical coastlines. Another, smaller, northern continent holds the famous Carmine Peaks of Aurea; Aurea's few mining operations tend to be here. The planet's close star means a warm, humid climate in most regions, with small polar icecaps.[2]

However, no matter the biome or geology, all of Aurea can be described by one word: vibrant. The shallow seas shimmer with brilliant turquoise, while the ocean depths appear a rich, majestic blue. The desert sands reflect the sun's light in a rippling golden hue; the tropical forests cover vast swaths of land in a million shades of lush green. Whatever the quirks of Aurea's climate and geology, the planet appears an iridescent jewel from space, and just as beautiful on the ground.[2]

The Shakamm Crater remains one of the planet's most important locations. It measures over 10 kilometers across. The Mardri arcology perches on the northwest lip of the crater. Extremely limited mining operations extract the burning crystals for use by the artisans of the Soulworks Collective and those they have approved for special projects. Though these crystals were forged with the same sands that now prove such a staple in Aurean art and culture, the unique nature of their forging (in the fury of a titanic meteor impact) means no one has been able to duplicate them.[2]

In the Torragan Mountains over two thousand kilometers away to the southeast, two other fantastic discoveries further enhanced the nearly mythical reputation of Aurea. One is the Dome of Crystal Fire, a gargantuan cave deep below the mountains. The same burning crystals cover the walls, creating a dazzling display of constantly shifting colored lights. It is believed that the overall colors and patterns change based on the spirits of those within the cave. The leaders of the Soulworks Collective declared the Dome a protected space: limiting access with trained guides and armed guards to protect the entire chamber.[2]

The other treasure of the Torragan Mountains is the Eternal Furnace, a giant lava pool used by the Aurean Glassworker's Guild for their most audacious and important projects. Apprentices to the guild spend many years just developing the tolerances necessary to work in the presence of such fiery heat, and the most incredible works of glass known in the galaxy come from the artisans who work with the Furnace. Geologists speculate that the Dome of Crystal Fire may have formed out of similar tectonic activity, with molten magma forging the mountains' minerals the same way the meteor impact did in Shakamm Crater. Given that the mountains are tectonically active, this may mean other natural treasures still lie in their roots, waiting to be discovered.[2]

Three moons orbited Aurea. Two were lifeless rocks, but the third moon, Ifeoma, was tidally locked and had a cool, humid, and perpetually cloud-covered environment.[2] The moon's main city, also called Ifeoma, was located on the moon's far side and was home to Merich's Bend Tavern. During the time of the Galactic Empire, Rebel sympathizers arranged gunrunning operations from this establishment. It was from this location that Twi'lek singer, Saahir Ru'luv, and her fiancée, Juri Marbra, began their last mission for the Rebellion before their deaths, hiring Saahir's true love, Thaddeus Ross, and Trep Winterrs to haul a munitions cargo including 500 blaster rifles aboard the Kierra to a hidden Rebel base.



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