Aurek Squad was a clone commando squad that participated in the Clone Wars.


Aurek Squad was led by the clone commando Commander Husk and was assigned to a task force under the command of Jedi Master Ezar Elasra. When Elasra's taskforce was sent to retake the planet Tirahnn from the Confederacy of Independent Systems, he sent Aurek Squad to the planet on a mission, in preparation for the main Republic attack.

The squad traveled to the planet in a LAAT/s, along with some regular clone troopers and some Republic agents. They successfully evaded detection by the orbiting Separatist fleet, but crash landed on the planet due to unforeseen weather conditions. The crashed transport was then attacked by an escaped roggwart, but the commandos, troopers, and agents were able to kill it. Afterwards, the commandos assembled their BARC speeder bikes and set out on their primary mission. They sabotaged the main CIS vehicle depot on the planet, ensuring that when Elasra began the main assault on the planet, the Republic forces met light resistance. During the battle, the commandos were able to block the main escape route for the CIS troops.


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