"The Auriga Fire is a loyal old thing but has seen better days."
―Jet Nebula[src]

The Auriga Fire was the personal starship of smuggler Jet Nebula around a decade after the Treaty of Coruscant. From above it appeared almost perfectly triangular, with hyperdrives at the base; sensor arrays, shield generators, and comms at the upper point; and a cockpit slightly off-center in the middle, above the main holds. Its interior hallways were arranged in a "Y" shape. The ship also possessed a compact tractor beam generator in recessed hatch on its ventral side, as well as a crude interdictor.


The Auriga Fire was involved in the interdiction of an unidentified modified S-class light star cruiser known as the Cinzia. The ship was then impounded by Tassaa Bareesh after delivering the the salvage from the remains of the Cinzia on Nal Hutta. After the events surrounding Bareesh's attempted auction transpired, the Auriga Fire and her captain were contracted by Bareesh to deliver the Jedi Padawan Shigar Konshi in pursuit of Dao Stryver. The ship then participated in Independent Operation Sebaddon, where after briefly coming under the command of the Republic Navy, separated from the main battlegroup to avoid the Fastbreeders and then proceeding to rescue Republic escape pods. The Auriga Fire was then use to coordinate the joint strike on Sebaddon, and its crew took control of both the Republic and Imperial fleets to direct them against the fastbreeders. When the fastbreeders collapsed due to the actions of Eldon Ax, Jet Nebula jetissoned Ula Vii in an escape pod and departed the battle. The ship then traveled to Nal Hutta to sort things out with Tassaa Bareesh, and then to Tatooine to meet with Dao Stryver.

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