"It's good here. Green. Life. This is where we shall begin. The Village of Aurilia. The dream becomes reality…"

Aurilia was a mysterious village on the planet Dathomir, founded by a small group of like-minded Force-sensitive refugees. In about 1 ABY, it fell under attack from the Dark Jedi Mellichae and his Sith Shadows. They were eventually defeated with the help of an unidentified spacer and Aurilia recovered and grew into a thriving township.


The village of Aurilia.

Aurilia was originally founded by a small group of Force-sensitive misfits as a place to practice the Force away from the rest of the galaxy. The village was a simple, rustic place consisting of huts, with a stone wall around the perimeter. To protect themselves, the villagers used their abilities to create a dense mist that surrounded the village. This mist could only be penetrated by Force-sensitives.

In around 1 ABY, the cyborg Dark Jedi Mellichae and his Sith Shadows began attacking the village. Mellichae believed that killing or capturing the village's Force-sensitive residents would be a good way for him to regain the trust of Emperor Palpatine and maybe even earn a place at his side. The villagers worked hard to prepare the village for the attack, but it sustained significant damage. Eventually, with the help of a spacer, Mellichae was defeated and imprisoned in the Aurilia Prison.

Afterwards, the village retreated into the mist and cut itself off from the rest of the galaxy. The mist eventually cleared to reveal a new Aurilia, one that had been rebuilt into a much larger township. Pilots and spacers from across the galaxy flocked to the new Aurilia to purchase rare items from the traders there and to take on dangerous and exciting quests from the Adventurers' Guildhall.

Individuals present[]

An Aurilian banner displaying the township's symbol.

Behind the scenes[]

Aurilia was introduced into Star Wars Galaxies on August 31, 2004, roughly one year after the product's initial release. It was included as part of the 10th major update, "The Jedi Trials". It was a place where players controlling Force-sensitive characters would perform tasks in order to become a Jedi Padawan.

Aurilia was removed from the game when the New Game Enhancements were introduced in late 2005. However, it made a return to the game in Chapter 7 (November 2007) as a township rather than a village. Star Wars Galaxies was later shut down on December 15, 2011.



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