"It became clear after the lost city of Aurum was destroyed that Tython was too dangerous for those who could not use the Force."

Aurum, later known as the lost city of Aurum, was a city on the planet Tython that was built by the Tythans, the settlers brought to Tython by the Tho Yor ships in 36,453 BBY. Over a thousand years after the Tho Yor Arrival, Aurum was destroyed during a Force Storm, a powerful phenomenon that cause fierce weather and seismic activity on Tython. The city's destruction and the death of many non-Force-sensitive Tythans was a major factor in the decision that all non-Force-sensitives should leave Tython and settle the other planets in the Tython system.[1]

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Aurum was first mentioned in Dawn of the Jedi: Force Storm 1, a comic book published on February 15, 2012. The destruction of a city is shown on the page preceding Aurum's mention during Je'daii Master Ketu's narration, but it is not specified whether the city was Aurum.[1]

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