"It's the duty of the Imperial Reclamation Service to preserve this history. If I do not return, come find me, and finish my work."
―Auselio Gann to Talos Drellik[src]

Auselio Gann was an archeologist and a member of the Sith Imperial Reclamation Service who lived in the time of Great Galactic and Cold Wars. He was the mentor of Talos Drellik, who considered him, if not a father figure in his life, at least akin to a kindly uncle.


Auselio Gann took Talos Drellik under his wing shortly after the latter's first archeological discovery.

At some point prior to 3641 BBY, Gann met Drellik in a cantina on Nar Shaddaa. He told his protégé that he was on his way to Malachor III and gave him a medallion before leaving. The outer layer of the medallion was constructed of a malleable metal that would melt away with sufficient heat, leaving the heat resistant casing hid inside intact. The casing contained a data chip into which Gann had recorded his intention to investigate the tomb of Vaius Antinus. The medallion's chain hid a holofrequency with which Auselio Gann could send messages to Drellik.

After visiting the tomb of Vaius Antinus on Alderaan, Gann left for Aduba-6 to investigate the tomb of Antinus's apprentice. There, he used the medallion holofrequency to send a message to Talos Drellik. Independent Sith and Jedi groups were interested in uncovering the tomb's secrets, and Gann found himself pursued by both. In an effort to turn the tomb's traps against them, he imprisoned himself inside the tomb, and died there.


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