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Aut-O was a super tactical droid who commanded a Separatist fleet made up mainly of Recusant-class light destroyers and one Providence-class carrier/destroyer. His fleet was infiltrated by the D-Squad, who stole the Confederacy's encryption module. He was decapitated by R2-D2.


Aut-0 Command Bridge

Aut-O on the bridge of his flagship.

Aut-O was in command of a Separatist fleet in Separatist territory. His flagship carried an encryption module that was needed to decipher a coded transmission sent out by General Grievous to his allies. While in a Confederate shuttle, the D-Squad infiltrated Aut-O's flagship and made their way to C-Deck, the ship's communication center. After multiple energy fluctuations, Aut-O decided to investigate the phenomenons himself. When he discovered the D-Squad attempting to retrieve the encryption module, he held R2-D2 at blaster-point. However, the little astromech acted quickly by deactivating the artificial gravity in the room, causing all the droids to float helplessly around.

Aut-O tried to stop the intruders any way he could as his escort had been already destroyed by the Republic droids. Alone, Aut-O was struggling with stopping R2 from getting the module and trying to eliminate Colonel Meebur Gascon. Aut-O was holding tight to R2's legs while the astromech proceeded to melt Aut-O's hands with its boosters. Aut-O was then distracted by Gascon who started kicking the droid in the optical sensors. Aut-O managed to shake his head and get rid off Gascon temporarily. Unfortunately, Gascon managed to jump back at Aut-O and the Super tactacal droid opened fire at the pesky Zilkin. Gascon grabbed on to Aut-O's blaster, making Aut-O start shaking his blaster and shooting at the same time all over the place. While trying to get rid off Gascon once more, Aut-O was hit out of nowhere by WAC-47 holding a droid leg. Aut-O struck back and knocked down WAC while the pit droid was paying attention to Gascon. With WAC out of the way, Aut-O continued to pull down R2 who had gotten to the module. Aut-O tried at the same time to pull down the astromech and swat Gascon who was nearby.

Aut-O head

Aut-O's decapitated head.

In the end, WAC-47 had regained contentiousness and activated the gravity that was previously shut off. Aut-O fell, then proceeded to crush Gascon. R2-D2 witnessed this and purposely fell onto Aut-O's head, effectively decapitating the Super tactical droid.Yet, after Aut-O's death, he sent out a distress signal which triggered an alarm. But to no avail, as the droids reporting to C-Deck accidentally mistook the D-Squad as crew members.

Behind the scenes[]

Aut-O was voiced by Dee Bradley Baker who voices the clone troopers in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.


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