Authorization Code TK-603 was an activation code that was developed by First Order Agent Terex that could remotely deactivate the Carrion Spike, whenever Terex required. Terex utilized the code to entrap his former allies in the First Order aboard the vessel so he could capture it for his own use within his private criminal syndicate, the Ranc gang, while on the planet Kaddak.[1]


Naming the code after his former designation as a stormtrooper within the Imperial Army, Terex installed the activation code within the Carrion Spike's mainframe at some point either during or prior to his service in the First Order. It was utilized by Terex to disable the corvette and force its First Order crew members to land on the planet Kaddak, where Terex reunited with members of his old criminal syndicate, the Ranc gang, and was reinstated as the gang's leader. Once he had regained control of his gang, Terex returned to his vessel, using members of the Ranc gang to overpower the First Order crew on board and steal the Carrion Spike for his own use.[1]


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