Ava Jaxo was a Human female Sergeant who served in the Republic Army and was an associate of the commander of Havoc Squad during the Cold War and the Galactic War.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Ava Jaxo was a Sergeant in the Republic Special Forces around 3641 BBY. While serving on Coruscant, she worked undercover ops for General Elin Garza out of an apartment in Black Sun territory, assisting the new commander of Havoc in countering the Black Sun crime syndicate and again during the commander's rescue attempt of the kidnapped Senator Zorin Krasul.

Later in the war, Jaxo was imprisoned by the Empire on the remote asteroid prison colony A-77. Jaxo was allowed to slip out of her cell and make contact with Republic Special Forces by General Arkos Rakton in order to lure the commander to the asteroid prison. The commander was dispatched to the prison to rescue Jaxo and 314 other prisoners of war being held there. When the commander was deep in the prison, Raxton commenced bombardment of the asteroid and left the commander two choices: save the prisoners from the bombardment by venting the service level where Jaxo was hiding, or save Jaxo at the cost of the prisoners' lives. Jaxo pleaded the commander to save her and let the other prisoners die, but the commander decided to save the prisoners, and Ava perished.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Jaxo appears as part of the missions "The Black Sun's Poison," "Public Relations," "A Little R and R," "Catching Up," and "Objective: A-77" in Star Wars: The Old Republic, and is a possible love interest for a male character.

Jaxo's fate is determined by the player's decision: she can be left to die so that the other prisoners may escape, or she can be saved, causing the prisoners to be killed in the bombardment. Both choices result in her disappearance from the game. If the commander saves Jaxo, however, the player will later receive a letter from her. Jaxo disjointedly writes that she is overcome with guilt for what she asked the commander to do and that she has put in for a psychological dismissal from the Republic Army, and she concludes by telling the commander to "stay strong." There are no known appearances of Jaxo later in the game, and the letter is the last contact with her for the rest of the Trooper storyline.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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