"He wath not vewwy bwight, my nephew."
―Avaro Sookcool, in regards to Greedo.[src]

Avaro Sookcool was an obese male Rodian who was the uncle of Greedo and spoke Basic albeit with a lisp.

Biography[edit | edit source]

He owned Flip of the Credit, a small casino in Equator City on Rodia. As his small casino was part of a larger complex operated by the part of the cartel that was dedicated to money-laundering, Avaro was an operative for Clezo, the Black Sun vigo. Clezo, however, did not know that Avaro reported to Xizor himself as well as to him. When Princess Leia Organa needed some ties to Black Sun in rescuing the captured Han Solo and also to learn who wanted Luke Skywalker dead, Lando Calrissian thought of Avaro as a contact. They met in his office. Despite Greedo having been killed by Han, he held no grudge.

Avaro survived Navik the Red's Tetsu Clan purges because of his ties to Black Sun, which Navik did not dare to cross.

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Avaro Sookcool

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