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"All ships of the Coruscant Third Fleet, this is Admiral Peto Kelsan. You will set the self-destruct devices on your ships and then take the lifepods to Ralltiir. Avenger will cover. Good luck."
―Peto Kelsan[src]

Avenger was a Pellaeon-class Star Destroyer in the service of the Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire.


In 137 ABY Avenger was commanded by Captain Furske and served as the flagship of the Coruscant Third Fleet commander Admiral Peto Kelsan. Avenger, along with the rest of the fleet was tasked with protecting the planet Ralltiir, when the Galactic Alliance Remnant and the Empire-in-exile launched a surprise attack on the planet, intending to seize as many Imperial ships as possible.

When Admiral Peto Kelsan realized that his forces were overwhelmed, he agreed to Admiral Edouard Fenel's ultimatum and ordered the fleet to surrender. However, captain Vaclen Tor of the Ardent-class fast frigate Steadfast persuaded him to change his mind and stick to his duty. After that Kelsan ordered his men to set their ships for self-destruct and then leave them in the escape pods. Peto Kelsan himself choose to stay aboard the Avenger when the ship perished along with rest of the fleet.


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