Averen was a male Human fleet officer in the Imperial starfleet who served as captain of the Star Destroyer Monarch during the Seizure of Coruscant, during which he surrendered to the New Republic after sustaining serious damage.

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Averen, and his Monarch, did not have a formidable reputation. As a result, Director of Imperial Intelligence Ysanne Isard chose the Monarch to defend the planet during the Seizure of Coruscant along with the Star Destroyer Triumph, which had a similarly unimpressive reputation.[1]

Isard wanted Coruscant to fall to the Rebel hands so that the New Republic would find its bacta resources devastated by an outbreak of the krytos virus. Therefore, it is likely Isard knew the Monarch and Triumph would be either captured or destroyed during the battle. She essentially left them, along with Averen and his crew, for dead, choosing to instead relocate the superior Star Destroyers Emperor's Will and Imperator.

During the battle, the Monarch lost its shields after taking heavy fire by the New Republic's Star Destroyers Emancipator and Liberator, Mon Calamari Cruiser Home One. The Triumph sustained even more damage and was eventually captured by the Mon Calamari Cruiser Mon Remonda.

Shortly following the Triumph's capture, Averen contacted Home One and surrendered. Admiral Ackbar accepted and Commander Sirlul negotiated the terms of the surrender, which were either unconditional or had insignificant conditions.[1]

Following the battle and surrender, the Monarch was added to the New Republic fleet.

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