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"Don't remember me, huh?"
"Should I?"
"I'd have thought so.You go up against a Star Destroyer with someone, he ought to remember you. Especially out in the middle of nowhere."
―Aves and Wedge Antilles[src]

Aves was a male Human who served as the chief aide and communications officer for the smuggler Talon Karrde. Having served under Karrde since the early days of his organization, he was also Karrde's spokesman for dealings with Han Solo and Rogue Squadron.




In his early middle age by the time of the Smugglers' Alliance, the Human Aves had served as Talon Karrde's right-hand man since the latter's career began. Trusted by Karrde because he had the trust of the crew, Aves was never very far from the smuggler chief and served aboard Wild Karrde in communications and dispatch. He provided Karrde with advice on the mood of his employees, who often confided in Aves if they were uncomfortable talking to Karrde himself. Aves would then pass along those concerns—without naming names—to Karrde, secure in the knowledge that Karrde wouldn't use the information against them.

Some months after the Thrawn Crisis, Karrde gave Aves a command of his own, the Lastri's Ort.

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