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"It is my duty to act in your best interest and it is why I can no longer condone this unjust occupation. They wish to intimidate us, to scare us, but we shall not cower at their acts of oppression."
―Avi Singh, condemning the Imperial occupation of Raxus Secundus[src]

Avi Singh was a human male senator who served in the Senate of the Confederacy of Independent Systems and resided on the planet Raxus Secundus, the former Separatist capital. After the Galactic Empire began its occupation of his planet, Captain Bragg prefaced a public announcement by telling the citizens that the occupation was for their benefit as long as they complied and gave the Empire their allegiance. Senator Singh told his droid, GS-8, that he could not go through with endorsing the occupation and would not become an Imperial pawn. When it was his turn to speak and endorse the Imperial presence, he instead spoke out, calling the occupation unjust and saying that he and the people would not bow to their acts of intimidation. He was dragged away as the crowd cheered for his actions, but the masses of citizens were soon cleared out by Imperial walkers and Singh was imprisoned. He helped the group escape by directing Tech towards a secret passage through which they escaped the pursuing clone troopers and retreated to the Havoc Marauder.[1]

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Behind the scenes[]

Avi Singh appeared in "Common Ground,"[1] the tenth episode of the animated television series Star Wars: The Bad Batch, which aired on July 2, 2021.[2] He was voiced by Alexander Siddig.[1]



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