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Avinoam Arelis was a young male Human Jedi Knight stationed at the new Jedi Temple on Coruscant.


Arelis, along with fellow knight Jaden Korr were assisting Jedi Leia Organa Solo, Han Solo, and Jedi Tekli smuggle the four Jedi who were undergoing treatment for Force psychosis, through a lower level hangar in the Temple Precinct. Looking out onto the Krabbis Inn, the hangar was being watched by a gang of Mandalorians hired by Chief of State Natasi Daala to keep an eye on the Jedi.

When the Mandalorians opened fire on the hangar, Arelis and Korr aided the Solos in defending the hangar, while the other Knights helped move Jedi Bazel Warv, Natua Wan, Seff Hellin, and Yaqeel Saav'etu into FloatVans for transportation to the Jedi Academy on Shedu Maad. When the fight ended, Arelis and Korr stayed behind to cover up the mess the now deceased warriors had made while the other Jedi escaped.

In 44 ABY, Arelis was sent with fellow Jedi Knight Sothais Saar to Blaudu Sextus by the Jedi Council to help mediate the Octusi slave revolt. However, upon their arrival in the capital city Arari, they found that Mandalorians under the command of Belok Rhal were slaughtering the Octusi, and intervened. During the engagement, Arelis and Saar breached a building where reporter Madhi Vaandt and her crew had been hiding and reporting the events live on the news. While Arelis and Saar were too late to save Vaandt from being killed by Rhal, they were able to apprehend her murderer.[1]


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