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*[[Raith]]s<ref name="Lyric's World" />
*[[Raith]]s<ref name="Lyric's World" />
*[[Reel]]s<ref name="Lyric's World" />
*[[Reel]]s<ref name="Lyric's World" />

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"I was about to be ripped to shred's by the creature's razor-sharp beak."
"What do you mean ripped to shreds?"
"I mean eaten for dinner by a giant bird with a razor-sharp beak and twenty-centimeter talons.
Lyric and Tahiri Veila discuss Lyric's experience with an avril[src]

The avril, native to the moon Yavin 8, was a large bird of prey. It was covered with thick black feathers and had beady eyes. Avrils also had a wingspan of about eight meters and sharp twenty-centimeter-long talons. These birds were also capable of letting out an ear-shattering cry.

Avrils were on the top of the food chain on Yavin 8 and preyed on several other species including raiths, reels, purellas, though their favorite were the children of the sentient Melodies.

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Avril Nest

An avril nest on Yavin 8

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