"Looks like one of Cubber's children."
Garik Loran, jokingly comparing the statuette to one of Cubber Daine's mechanics[src]

The Award of the Mechanic's Nightmare was a decoration of honor presented to Wraith Squadron pilot Garik Loran in jest following his survival of the Battle for the Razor's Kiss in 7 ABY.

History[edit | edit source]

During the battle, Garik Loran suffered heavy damage to his X-wing starfighter as well as considerable damage to his own person. The canopy of his cockpit was punctured by enemy laser fire, which in turn hit him in his left side. It was something of a miracle that he survived from his injuries, much less being able to fend off the pain and the coldness of vacuum to first destroy a TIE/IN interceptor close on the tail of fellow pilot Tyria Sarkin, and then finding the strength to maneuver his fighter to safety.

The award itself was a gray statuette of a New Republic mechanic with a wrench upraised as a weapon. The mechanic's expression was of pure, if silly, rage. The figure was half the length of a Human forearm.

The award was in mock tribute to the extremely damaged state Loran's X-wing was in when returned to the Nebulon-B escort frigate Tedevium, described by Commander Wedge Antilles as, "the worst shape her mechanics had ever seen a flying snubfighter." Loran himself had to be cut out of the cockpit, as part of his charred flesh had melted together with the cockpit's instrumentation.

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