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Maarek Stele being presented with his medal.

A small awards auditorium existed for awarding its personnel various medals for their service to the Empire.


It was utilized from 3 ABY to 4 ABY to award the TIE pilot Maarek Stele for his actions in service to the Empire in various campaigns, with the exception of Treachery at Ottega, where he was instead awarded by Emperor Palpatine in person (via Darth Vader) at the Imperial Palace's Awards Auditorium for his actions in saving the Emperor from Grand Admiral Demetrius Zaarin's coup.


The room itself was fairly small, composed of a single desk in front of the rewarded personnel. Behind the desk was an Imperial officer, who presented the medal to the personnel in question by opening a pad door on the desk with the Imperial logo adorned and taking it out. Above the desk were seating areas that allowed for seven Imperial officers to oversee the ceremony.


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