"The most beautiful parkland in the Republic--until the first bombs fell."
Jari Orez to The Barsen'thor[src]

Axial Park was a major point of interest at Coronet City on Corellia that showcased Corellian's appreciation for nature.


Amongst the towering structures and high-speed trams, one was always able to find a small tree-lined park or a quiet reflection pool in Corellia's Axial Park in Coronet City. This site marked the grandest expression of the world's desire to remain connected to nature that differentiated it from the likes of other metropolises such as Nar Shaddaa and Coruscant. As a result, Axial Park cost over seventy billion credits, and Coronet City's civil engineers set aside valuable real estate for the creation of several museums along with landmarks that were separated by beautiful parklands.[1]


"I've got a platoon of combat-starved grunts due in Axial Park days ago. What'm I supposed to do with them now?"
"Don't get smart with me."
―Conversation between a frustrated Imperial lieutenant and his subordinate[src]

In the Cold War, Axial Park became one of the greatest tragedies of the conflict with the reconstituted Sith Empire when they despoiled the beauty of the land by bombardment. In addition, the park's grand museums became converted into bunkers as part of the struggle against the Sith,[1] who invaded Corellia and deployed platoons of troops in the parkland.[2]


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