Axum was a temperate world located in the Axum system. It had two moons.

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Axum was colonized by Human settlers who arrived in a sleeper ship from Coruscant sometime after 27,500 BBY. In the millennia preceding the Galactic Republic, Axum was a military stronghold[2] and the headquarters of the Azure Imperium, which was eventually absorbed by Coruscant's sphere of influence.

Heavily urbanised, it had far greater industrial output than its sister planet Anaxes, though less prestige.[2] The Axumites were known to be an exceedingly-formal and well-mannered people, and extremely proud of Axum's history as a Core Founder and the legacy of the Azure Imperium.[2]

Axum was one of the Core Founders of the Galactic Republic[2] in 25,053 BBY.

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