Axum was a temperate world located in the Axum system. It had two moons.


The third planet in the Axum system, Axum was a terrestrial world orbited by two moons.[5] Axum sat along the Perlemian Trade Route, with Alsakan being considered a stopover between Axum and Coruscant.[2]

A strong industrial world with a large population,[5] Axum was one of the Core Worlds' mightiest urbanized worlds and dwarfed the industrial output of her sister planet Anaxes—an industrial powerhouse in its own right.[2] Both Axum and Anaxes were well-known for manufacturing high-tech goods.[4]

The thirty-five thousand Brass Soldiers of Axum was a mysterious wonder on the planet.[3]


Early history[]

Axum was colonized by Human settlers who arrived in a sleeper ship from Coruscant sometime after 27,500 BBY.[2] By 26,000 BBY, colonization arks from Kuat also spread Humans to Axum. Once the barriers of hyperspace were broken by scientists from Corellia, colonists from Axum set out to settle on new verdant worlds. In the millennia preceding the Galactic Republic, Axum was a military stronghold[2] and the throneworld of the Azure Imperium, which sprawled along what would become the Perlemian Trade Route.[5] The empire was peacefully absorbed by Coruscant's sphere of influence centuries before the founding of the Republic.[5]

Heavily urbanised with a large population,[5] Axum had far greater industrial output than its sister planet Anaxes, though less prestige.[2][5] Axum was one of the Core Founders of the Galactic Republic[2] in 25,053 BBY, though young Core worlds like Axum often put its own ambitions first over the common goals of the Republic.[6]

Tionese War[]

On the onset of the Tionese War in 24,000 BBY, the feudal Honorable Union of Desevro & Tion launched their war fleets along the Perlemian, capturing numerous Republic worlds. The Republic reacted belatedly, quickly ordering the manufacturing of warships above industrial worlds like Axum, Foerost, and Perlemia.[6]

While hulls began taking shape over Axum, the Republic's efforts were too late and Tionese raiders soon arrived in the Axum system. In the resulting battle, Axum's shipyards were destroyed by pressure bombs which were capable of leveling cities. With the fall of Axum, the Tionese were able to push into the heart of the Republic and attack Coruscant.[6]

Decline of the Republic[]

Sometime prior to 22 BBY, the bounty hunter Zam Wesell utilized her custom assassin droid ASN-121 to assassinate targets on security-lockdown worlds like Axum.[7]


The Axumites were known to be an exceedingly-formal and well-mannered people, and extremely proud of Axum's history as a Core Founder and the legacy of the Azure Imperium. They were known to happily lecture any unwary visitor about their planet's history. While Axumites avoided such crass thoughts, to them the eldest precincts of Coruscant had a fairly disagreeable tinge of new credits and ill breeding.[2]

Thull Vandron was a wealthy shipping magnate of House Vandron from Axum who established what would later become the Senex-Juvex region.[2]



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