Ayddar Nylykerka was a male Tammarian fleet tracking officer who was responsible for discovering the Black Fleet and became the head of the New Republic Defense Fleet's Asset Tracking Office during the Galactic Civil War. He also played an instrumental role in the Yuuzhan Vong War as Director of New Republic Fleet Intelligence.


Ackbar: "I have heard...your people's most powerful fears involve being in standing water."
Ayddar Nylykerka: [nods weakly]
Ackbar: "I confess that such fears are completely alien to me. Yet you willingly entered the lake in an effort to see me."
Ayddar Nylykerka: "Y-Yes I thought it was my d-duty."
Gial Ackbar and Ayddar Nylykerka[src]

In 16 ABY Nylykerka was the officer responsible for analyzing AK031995, the data retrieved from the destroyed hulk of Imperial Star Destroyer Gnisnal by the Steadfast. After realizing the treasure contained within the datafile—a complete, albeit ten-year-old, Imperial Order of Battle—Nylykerka risked life and limb to bring the information to Admiral Gial Ackbar's private estate, braving total submersion in water, a true feat considering his species' innate aversion to it. He was then chosen to explain to New Republic High Command the information the data highlighted regarding the Black Fleet and the likely strength of the Yevethan forces who had obtained it.

Following his work during the Black Fleet Crisis, Nylykerka was promoted to chief analyst of his office. In the early stages of the Yuuzhan Vong Invasion, he led efforts to track and analyze any information on the enemy, working alongside such luminaries as New Republic Intelligence Service Deputy Director Belindi Kalenda, Etahn A'baht and Commodore Brand. Nylykerka was involved to a small degree in the defection of the traitor Elan.

As the invasion wore on, Nylykerka was promoted to Director of New Republic Fleet Intelligence. In 28 ABY, with the help of Mara Jade Skywalker and other facets of Intelligence, he orchestrated the dissemination of information to the Yuuzhan Vong and Peace Brigade spy network, deluding them into thinking that Ebaq 9 was a target ripe for opportunity.



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