The Ayelixe/Krongbing Textiles corporation (or simply, A/KT) was a fabric, textile and clothing manufacturer set up during the rule of the Galactic Republic. A/KT continued manufacturing during the Galactic Civil War.


A/KT was one of the original Signatory Sponsors of the Corporate Sector Authority, and was formed with the merger of Ayelixe Fabrico and Krongbing Interstellar Fashions. A/KT produced a variety of full-body clothing, often designed to provide the wearer with protection in a number of environments. The Tuff1 Combat Jumpsuit was considered A/KT's most popular outfit. The company was the leading manufacturer of Imperial uniforms during the Civil War, though A/KT strove to remain neutral throughout the conflict.

Another of its products was the Armored Flight Suit for pilots.

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The Pirates & Privateers sourcebook incorrectly states that the company's name is Ayelic/Krongbing Textiles.



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